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Risa's Astrology

Saturn — Lord of Karma & Dweller on the Threshold

On Wednesday, Saturn (Dweller, Teacher, Disciplinarian), after four months being retrograde, turns stationary direct. Saturn is the “teacher”, offering us lesson after lesson concerning the “rules of the road”, rules

Advice Goddess

Friend Over Backward and No Way To Retreat A Lady

Friend Over Backward A friend agreed to dogsit while I flew up to visit my ailing dad. She bailed at 7 p.m. the night before I flew out, saying she

Making Ripples

Brighter Than Autumn Leaves

Rufous Hummingbird a rare and wonderful sight AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples As autumn begins on the equinox Sept. 23, some of those quick-falling fiery leaves may not be leaves at



Sept. 20 Barrett Baber Trio — 7:30 p.m., with Chelsey James. Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale. $35. Route 358 — 8 p.m. album release party. Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.


Cash Back In Fayetteville

Clinton House hosts month of music history BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Most everybody knows that Johnny Cash was born in Arkansas — Feb. 26, 1932, in Kingsland (Cleveland County) — and

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Sept. 20 (Friday) Distinguished Speaker Series — With producer, writer, entrepreneur, advocate Tonya Lewis Lee, 7 p.m., Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. $15. Register at 657-2335. “Born Yesterday” — This

Cover Story

Better Than Ever

APT pours new life in to ‘Rocky Horror’ BECCA MARTIN-BROWN There’s an old adage about dogs: Everybody thinks theirs is the best. And nobody is wrong. The same might


REVIEW: Blue Man Group receive key to city, leave Fayetteville ‘Speechless’

BMG receive key to city, leave Fayetteville ‘Speechless’ JOCELYN MURPHY NWA Democrat-Gazette International entertainment phenomenon the Blue Man Group officially premiered their new show “Speechless” at the Walton Arts Center

Male Call

Fashion Week

Q. I saw a clip on the news about Fashion Week in New York and some camp theme or something. I remember you wrote interesting information last year about Fashion