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8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Aug. 16 (Friday) “Shakespeare in Love” — With a cast of 18, dramatically choreographed sword fights and roving musicians, T2’s “Shakespeare in Love” is the perfect production to show off

Making Ripples

Adorable From A Distance

Porcupines rarely seen in Arkansas AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Porcupines are one of the most ironic of our native rodents. They pack 30,000 quills surrounding an unexpectedly adorable face. They

Advice Goddess

Indifferent Strokes and Rehash Marks

Indifferent Strokes My father just got diagnosed with cancer. Most people have been extremely supportive, but two girlfriends I texted about this haven’t responded at all. Is it really that



Aug. 16 Semi-local Forecast — 9 p.m., with Foxpaw, Ankle Pop, and Granger. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5. Honey Collective — Black Apple Crossing, Springdale. Jenna & Friends — Brick Street Brews,

Male Call

Color me confused, color rules for suits

Q. You often write about “good color in a man’s wardrobe,” but I’m not clear what that means. Especially given that for business the standards are white shirts and dark