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Risa's Astrology

The Promise of Freedom is Greater Than the Problems

Living on Earth is living on a planet of duality. Duality (this and that, here and there, up and down) is the way humanity is able to perceive things. We

In The News

Hitchin’ A Ride

Cities at work developing rules for electric scooters STACY RYBURN Northwest Arkansas cities are figuring out how to handle the arrival of electric scooters, and the process will be


Screams Come Free

‘Buying Ghosts’ podcast debuts July 19 BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The tale begins like any good ghost story: Once upon a time, there was a spooky Victorian house with a reputation


‘Bigger Than Anything’

Artist keeps heart in over-the-top arena tour JOCELYN MURPHY “I think if you haven’t evolved as a performer in 13 years, something would be horribly wrong. I’ve been lucky


The Eye Of The Beholder

Visual arts continue to catch the eye in new venues LARA JO HIGHTOWER Since Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened in 2011, the interest in visual arts has

Family Friendly

High Flying, Adored

Lepidoptera take wing during Crystal Bridges program BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Vincent van Gogh painted a great painting of the giant peacock moth that is in the Van Gogh Museum in

'Tis the Season

Everything Old Is New Again

SoNA celebrates 65 with innovation, outreach BECCA MARTIN-BROWN It’s a season that includes everything from Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninov and Ravel to Copland’s Four Dance Episodes from “Rodeo” and a

Advice Goddess

Bilk And Honey

Bilk And Honey I’m a 27-year-old guy. I’m short, and honestly, I’m not that physically attractive. I am nice, funny, and on the fast track in my career. My friends

Cover Story

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’

First work of fiction a bestseller for Delia Owens BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The New York Times Book Review describes Delia Owens’ debut as a writer of fiction this way: “A painfully beautiful

Making Ripples

Farm Fun On Swamp Milkweed

Aphids and ants all part of cycle of life AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Ever heard of an ant farm? How about ant farmers — ants who farm! There are myriad