July 5

Richard Burnett — 7 p.m., After 5 Bar, Rogers.

The Good Shadows — 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

Candy Lee — Brick Street Brews, Rogers.

ClusterPluck — Chelsea’s Corner Cafe, Eureka Springs.

Clint Scholz Band — 9 p.m., Cherokee Casino, West Siloam Springs, Okla.

Bob Marley Tribute — 9:30 p.m.; Brick Fields at 6. George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $7.

Lazy Daisy — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

Jenna & the Soul Shakers — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

Aces n’ Eights —JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

The Remnants — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

One 4 the Money — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

Jekyll and High — Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Old Dime Box — 6 p.m. La Huerta on Crossover, Fayetteville.

Route 358 — Pedaler’s Pub, Bentonville.

Tater, Mater, & Squarsh — Ramo d’Olivo, Bentonville.

Jug Hill Annie — 8 p.m., Rowdy Beaver on W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs.

Septembers End — 9 p.m., Rowdy Beaver Den, Eureka Springs.

Jamey Johnson — 8 p.m., Temple Live, Fort Smith. $40-$49.

96 Miles Band — 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.

July 6

Gordon McKinney & Heather Burns — 7 p.m. house concert, 2303 W. Hatfield Street, Fayetteville.

Ladies Night in Cursive 4 — 8 p.m., stand-up comedy show benefiting Alabama’s Yellowhammer Fund. Backspace, Fayetteville. $10.

Crusade — 5 p.m., with The Big Hog Band. Basin Spring Park, Eureka Springs.

Jay Jackson — 8:30 p.m. stand-up comedy. Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

Cody Nielsen — Brick Street Brews, Rogers.

The Bodarks — Chelsea’s Corner Cafe, Eureka Springs.

Audio Crush — 9 p.m., Cherokee Casino, West Siloam Springs, Okla.

Mike Ryan — 10 p.m., Choctaw Casino, Pocola, Okla.

Audiopharmacy — 7 p.m., with Still on the Hill. Crystal Bridges, Bentonville. $10-$12.

Troy Schremmer — 10:30 a.m., Fayetteville Public Library.

Dawson Hollow — 9 p.m., with The Grisly Hand. George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $8.

Tater, Mater, & Squarsh — Wanderoo Lodge, Eureka Springs.

Jim Mills — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

Mark Shields & Good Co. — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

Suite 25 — JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

Dexter Rowe Band — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

Terra Nova Kings — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

House of Songs Songwriters Showcase — 7 p.m., with Derek Wood, Cherise Carver, Dominic Roy, and Becky Adams. Midtown Associates, Springdale. $10.

Forsaken Few — Nomads, Fayetteville.

Jenna & Friends — Ramo d’Olivo, Bentonville.

Jason Kinney Band — 8 p.m., Rowdy Beaver on W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs.

Maud Crawford Band — 9 p.m., Rowdy Beaver Den, Eureka Springs.

CongaKeyz Jazz Duo — 6 p.m., Sassafras Springs Winery, Springdale.

Odd Key Party — 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.

Tater, Mater, & Squarsh — Wanderoo Lodge, Eureka Springs.

July 7

Comedy and Art — 8 p.m., with Meghan Welch, Chad Chamberline, and more. Backspace, Fayetteville.

Jesse Dean Co. — 2 p.m., Fayetteville Public Library.

Kevin Mills — 1 p.m., Terra Studios, Durham.

July 8

TJ Scarlett — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

Jeff Fox — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

John Silva — JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

Typsy Gypsy — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

Jon Brown — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

July 9

Keith Nicholson — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

Richard Burnett — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

Jeff Fox — JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

Brett & Terri — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

Russ Hutchison — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

Jed Clampit — 7 p.m., Pesto Cafe, Fayetteville.

July 10

Ashtyn Nilsen — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

TJ Scarlett — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

Tony Alvarez — JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

Jim Mills — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

Brett & Terri — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

JW Leaghn — Mojo’s Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

Young the Giant — 7 p.m. with Fitz and the Tantrums, and COIN. Walmart AMP, Rogers. $29.50-$69.50.

Veridian Saxophone Quartet — 6 p.m., Walmart Museum, Rogers.

July 11

Runnin’ On Empty — 8 p.m., Cherokee Casino, West Siloam Springs, Okla.

Anitra Jay — Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

Vandoliers — 9 p.m., with Dandelion Heart. George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $10.

Ultra Suede — 7 p.m., Gulley Park, Fayetteville.

Parker McCollum — JJ’s Beer Garden and Brewing, Fayetteville.

Dudley Jr. — JJ’s Grill, Bella Vista.

Lukas Wigington — JJ’s Grill, Dickson Street.

Jason Plumlee — JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville.

Jon Dooly — JJ’s Grill, Fort Smith.

Tony Alvarez — JJ’s Grill, Rogers.

Ponder — Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Erin Detherage — Mojo’s Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

JWG — Wright’s BBQ, Johnson.

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— Jocelyn Murphy

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