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Lowell Dickey’s open again

The Dickey’s at 105 S. Dixieland Road reopened thanks to a new franchise owner. The Dickey’s in Rogers, Fayetteville and Lowell closed in mid-January. The previous franchise owner is no

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Flee-Bitten and Shudder Speed

Flee-Bitten For three months, things were going really well with this man I was dating. He’d introduced me to his daughter. We’d even planned a trip together. And then he

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Pisces to Aries, Spring (Ostara) & International Astrology Day

Here we are in our last days of winter and the last week of Pisces. Before the Pisces waters turn into the fires of Aries, let’s talk a bit more

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Calling the hogs: After dispute, Fayetteville landowner plans hog farm

A landowner says he’s going to put hogs and goats on his land near a residential community just outside the city after neighbors complained about his plans for a commercial

Family Friendly

Set Your Clocks Ahead

What goes 50 mph, drops 10 stories, has a 95-foot vertical loop, a dive loop and a zero G roll and promises almost 2 minutes of screaming, laughing, heart-pumping excitement?

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‘The Untold Story’

Stephen and Maura Caldwell both use the phrase “things I can’t unsee.” When their son William was diagnosed with heart issues before he was born, the Caldwells — both musicians

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The Family Business

Travis Sullivan is proof that Dolly Parton’s Stampede is another family-friendly Branson business. His uncle was a trick rider for the attraction. His aunt works in marketing, his grandmother in

Cover Story

Not The Usual Heroes

When playwright and Arkansas native Qui Nguyen’s semi-autobiographical play “Vietgone” opens March 14 at TheatreSquared, actor Rebecca Hirota says audience members may be surprised at what they see. “It’s ridiculous

Commentary Making Ripples

Celebrate Your Achievements

This column has often mentioned what we can do to help people and our planet. But we should also celebrate what we’re currently doing right. As long as we don’t