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Sweet Christmas: Luke Cage is Here

After months of anticipation, Luke Cage is finally dropping on Netflix this Friday.

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Whose Finger? On What Button?

How is it acceptable or legitimate for anyone to have the power to decide whether our civilization continues, or whether other species survive?

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Human Decency Moves Civilization Forward

Today’s instant flashing of lurid news scenes makes it appear that terrible killings are everywhere — but it’s misleading. All statistics show a clear decline in savagery. Humanity is kinder and fairer than before.

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Your Rights And Our Election

Rights. We are inundated with a great deal of loose talk about “rights.” What sorts of them?

Advice Goddess

Thinking Outside The Boobs

We all appreciate a nice view, but your eyes might be lingering a bit long in the wrong places if you hear stuff like “Sir…are you ready for my areolas to take your order?”

Advice Risa's Astrology

Peace Messengers, Mercury Direct, Autumn Equinox

Wednesday, is the United Nations International Day of Peace. It calls all of humanity to gather together in a spirit of peace and to commit to intentions for peace even amidst differences.


Experimental Theatre Group To Stage Post-Apocalyptic Rom-Com

It’s not every day Northwest Arkansas has the opportunity to go see a post-apocalyptic romantic comedy play. This is one of those times.


Q&A: Ryan Pickop of Nature & Madness

Sparse, folksy songs populated with dense, evocative lyrics is the kind stuff you’re going to get from Nature & Madness.


Newspaper Columnist Philip Martin Bringing Poetry And Music To Nightbird

Film critic and newspaper columnist Philip Martin is always working at it.

Making Ripples

The Stunning Sassafras Tree

If you haven’t picked a favorite tree yet, consider choosing the sassafras.