Fayetteville Goddess Festival Restorative, Magical

Fayetteville Goddess Festival Restorative, Magical
Photos by Elizabeth Armstrong The Omni Center for Justice, Peace and Ecology is hosting several events this week for their annual Goddess Festival. Several decorations have been put up for the festival.

Photos by Elizabeth Armstrong
The Omni Center for Justice, Peace and Ecology is hosting several events this week for their annual Goddess Festival. Several decorations have been put up for the festival.

“Magical” is the word expressed by Gladys Tiffany and Penny Gray for the Spring Equinox Ritual kickoff event held at the Fayetteville Senior Center and hosted at OMNI. The seventh annual Celebration of the Feminine Divine reminds us all about the importance of Restoring the Balance. The 10-day event, from March 20 to 29, is an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice in community. There were around 110 people in attendance at the kickoff festivities.

Some of those that honor the Goddess were delayed or missed the event because they were immersed in the “Walking the Labyrinth” at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

“The process is different than what you find in the left brain reasoning and analytical practice found with navigating a maze,” said Linda Flores, a local artist.

The Labyrinth is more of a right brain walking meditation. The simple walk inspires feelings of peace as you open your heart and mind to the divine.

The time is now for those that are ready, those that are open, those that are willing to welcome in the abundant blessings from the collective power of the all-knowing. Recognize where the universe has bigger plans for you than you may ever realize and it will be so.

This celebration is new to me so I was driven to investigate and learn more. My Saturday was spent in conversation with intuitives and trunk sale vendors at Omni. Gladys Tiffany reported her experience at the kickoff. The Senior Center was completely transformed as people were dressed up as goddesses and gods. The enchanting indoor environment was adorned with color, light, and fire.

Drums and gongs were used to call in and celebrate the power of the goddess and giving thanks for all her blessings. Young women were decked out with head attire decorated with flowers as they gave away packets of seeds to be planted this season. The plan is to nurture the plants. At the end of the season, gather the seeds to be passed out at the next goddess event.

“Reflecting Nature in Every Way” was Twin Star Designs’ fiber art displayed by Esyule Gamache. She reflected her knowledge where it is “Important people understand the feminine aspect of divinity and the historical matriarchal culture.” The Cherokees are one of the many cultures that honor the essence of the feminine. I have come across many historical accounts when the feminine were highly respected. Mary Magdalene, the Queen of Sheba, and Joan of Arc are such examples.

The public figure, Barbara Marx Hubbard, states that it is the feminine contributions to the world that is needed to help release humanity from 21st century challenges through heart-centered consciousness. I feel strongly that establishing a balance between the feminine and masculine is the key that unlocks the portal through which a society that moves in line with dignity, honor, and integrity exists. Each one of you has the choice to walk through that opening during these extraordinary times of vast opportunities. I will be sharing my research gleaned from much research at “The Feminine Heart-Centered Awareness” presentation.

“Balance” was another one of those words that was repeated by many that shared their reflections, their musings.

There are still many more opportunities for you to join in the festivities held in our community. If you hurry you will have the opportunity to experience the Gong Song in Gratitude, be a part of the Singing and Musical circle. There will be a Maiden, Mother, Crone Spring Break Camp, Getting Your Affairs in Order, and many Intuitive Artists to share their skills on your behalf.

The “empowering fun of archery” is a drop in Artemis Rising: Archery event to be discovered.

If my word limit allowed then I would eagerly share all the remaining events that are available after the release of the Free Weekly on Thursday. Yet, alas, limits are in place. Metaphysical, discussions, Spinsterhaven open house, Health Talk and Energy Medicine are a few examples of what awaits you. If inspired, you may even choose to beautify and wear your own Goddess Festival finery at the Harmonia concert at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville.

You can find most of the events featured at OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology located 3274 N. Lee Avenue, Fayetteville, Ark. Stop by and pick up a schedule of events and add your name to the list so you know about next year’s celebration. For those techies, jump over to http://goddessfestival.weebly.com/ to find your passion.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an author and business owner. Check out her Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Join the Edible Garden Challenge: facebook.com/ediblegardenchallenge. The opinions expressed are those of the author. Armstrong may be contacted at info@jazzyeco.com.

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