4 Must See Shows This Fall

4 Must See Shows This Fall

There are some big name artists that are coming through the area in the next couple months, but there are plenty of artists you might call under-the-radar.

So, in an effort to help you expand your musical palette, here’s a list of some artists you should most definitely lend your ears to and go see. Who knows the next time you’ll get a chance to see them again?


Courtesy Photo: Tatsuya Nakatani, a solo experimental percussionist, will be playing at The Backspace Oct. 1.

Tatsuya Nakatani ft. Chelsea Manning Trio

@ The Backspace, Oct. 1

Tatsuya Nakatani is a solo percussionist that improvises several different noises with his percussion tools to create mesmerizing sounds. He’s played all over the world, and the fact that he’ll be here in Fayetteville, Ark., is a real treat. He blends a lot of musical styles, going from experimental noise to jazz, rock and Japanese folk music.

His percussion instruments can imitate the sounds of a trumpet, a stringed instrument or electronic device to the point it get could get confusing where the sounds are coming from. Watching him perform in a video on YouTube was trippy enough through laptop speakers, and in person it’s likely to be fascinating.

Nakatani is able to create the kinds of sounds you would hear in a blockbuster sci-fi action movie. While it is in the bizarre realm, the soundscapes he is able to create with his percussion tools is hypnotizing, eerie and straight-up impressive.

If experimental or non-traditional music is your thing, or if you just want to go see something truly unique in one of the most unique venues in town, don’t miss this show on Oct. 1.

J Roddy Walston & The Business ft. Fly Golden Eagle

@ George’s Majestic Lounge, Oct. 8

J Roddy Walston & The Business are one of the best up-and-comin’ rock n’ roll acts out there. If you’re thirsty for some rowdy, head-banging music, you’ll find satisfaction in what these guys are doing. They’re all about the foot-stompin’ riffs and most all of their songs feature J Roddy pounding away at his piano a la Jerry Lee Lewis.

TFW 6.12.14 J. Roddy

File Photo Nick Brothers J Roddy Walston and the Business, pictured here performing at this year’s Wakarusa, are coming to George’s Wednesday, Oct. 8.

You may have heard the band’s song, “Heavy Bells.” That song, with Walston’s rooster-like howls and gritty power guitar riffs is just a taste of what the band can do. We hope you may have read The Free Weekly’s interview with them at Wakarusa, because they’re also eloquent dudes that really care about rock n’ roll music.

Their opener, Fly Golden Eagle, are a psychedelic funk group that played in Fayetteville when they opened for The Alabama Shakes at the AMP when it was still at the fairgrounds. This is another one of those bands that the area likely wouldn’t get to see had it not been for J Roddy Walston & The Business coming to town.

Go check both of these bands out if you fancy the funk and the rock n’ roll.

Bright Light Social Hour ft. Moon Taxi

@ George’s Majestic Lounge, Nov. 3

From Austin, Texas, The Bright Light Social Hour might just be one of the best rock bands out there that too few know about. The band played in George’s front lounge last year and killed it.

Specializing in a blend of just about every cool kind of rock music, these guys can put on a show. Their self-titled debut album specialized in anthem-like high-energy jams (especially “Garden of the Gods,” I say hot damn!), and their newer stuff has taken a more mature, more chill route culminating in a balanced act of music.

Also, did you read who’s opening for them? Moon Taxi. These guys have been playing to sold out venues (including George’s), and they’ve toured with the likes of Umphrey’s McGee, so yes, this band knows how to jam. Their melodically booming hit, “Mercury” is sure to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the show.

Absolutely check this show out — if anything, to say you saw these guys before they blew up.

Water Liars

@ JR’s Lightbulb Club, Nov. 5

The Water Liars are one of those sleeper acts you may have missed. At times their music is sad, southern, and soulful. Other times, it’s raw, in-your-face rock music that kicks your ass. They played two sets at Fayetteville’s Roots Fest, and each one demonstrated the range this band has as both a rootsy singer/songwriter and all-out rockers.

Above all else, Justin Kinkel-Schuster, the guitarist/vocalist, is a great songwriter. His music could be prescribed as break-up medicine (although it may cause you to sulk) as you realize this guy’s been through worse and he got over it.

The band has had a slow career thus far, but they’re approaching bigger audiences and they’ve played at JR’s Lightbulb Club a couple times now. The band comes highly recommended for all you soul-searching people out there that want to go to a show and feel something afterwards.

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