Take Back Your Power, Human!

Take Back Your Power, Human!

Truths From TerrahIndexBy Terrah Baker

There are a lot of problems and corruption in the world. Duh!, right?

During a recent conversation with a social worker, describing the human evils that permeate all facets of our society, she asked: “What is the solution?” My immediate response, after years of contemplation of the same question, was knowledge.

When a fascist government wants to control the population, even with the population’s consent, they control information through education and media. When “whites” wanted to keep down the “black” population, both before and after slavery, they kept them from an education. When a corporation wants to profit from harmful products, they keep the accurate or full spectrum of information from the public, even spreading misinformation.

Yes readers, it is true, knowledge IS power. And whether you want to admit it or not, if you’re a U.S. citizen, and not a part of the 1 percent at the top of the economic ladder, you’ve damn near lost all yours.

From our education system to our financial system, Americans have lost much of their freedom to choose, create, explore and not be defined by economic status and crippling debt. It all starts in our early years, when we are forced to learn information that’s twisted in favor of a status quo, a history based more on propaganda than fact, so we can become loyal capitalists and productive “citizens.” We aren’t taught about the science and facts of being a human: our brain chemistry and structure, our sexuality, our emotions, overall what it means to be a mammal on this Earth, and how our actions can harm or help that. We aren’t taught the truth about our government and its acts. Most importantly, we aren’t taught to think for ourselves, to question authority/power, or to foster our uniqueness.

In the meantime, the media is owned by a few rich assholes who take power from us like candy from a baby, and all we can do is buy more, watch more and emulate more, at least we hope, for popularity’s sake.

Then we move to our college years where we learn that life is hard, especially if you already come from low financial resources. You finally learn some of the truths kept from you as a child, but it’s too late and now you must learn them the hard way. We grow older, trying not to think about what we don’t know and what’s kept from us, for our own sanity, so we don’t have to acknowledge our lack of control. And now we have what we have accepted.

To put it bluntly: a “government” that has taken control and become a fascist, manipulating, money-seeking machine, with a complacent population that’s at the mercy of these dictators. Information is kept from you, and much of the information that is given is tightly controlled (through laws or cultural shaming).

Our system of information is set up (purposefully or not, I have no way of knowing) to take people to only a certain level of mental development, the one right before awareness where people can begin to think for themselves. This is the very stage needed to realize your true potential as a human and to find your deepest contentment and happiness. It’s also the stage that will make people question authority, not accept blatant lies, critically think about how their actions affect the world around them, and so on.

What’s left is a society with JUST the right ideas and development for a “government” to maintain control, and maintain a structure that gets individual, greedy, sociopaths rich and leaves a large portion of the population struggling in ignorance for most of their lives.

We are such a diverse species. Instead of being controlled through education, information, shame and fear, we should be allowed to flourish through knowledge and creativity. Curiosity and the power of information should always be something that is cherished, not used as a tool for manipulation, shamed or diminished. That is what makes humans, human!

I had a thought shortly after this conversation that back when humans were evolving in tribes, children most likely weren’t sheltered from reality. They learned real life as it was happening. From sex, to death, to punishment, to celebration, to traditions, to change, they were there, right along with the adults, learning, growing, taking in information. They weren’t worried about a fat old guy with presents or a mythical Easter bunny that carried eggs, or the latest celebrity. What kind of crazy shit is that anyways? Excuse my language.

We didn’t get to be the dominant species on Earth for no reason. We have a gift, the gift of an amazing brain that can create something from nothing, calculate and contemplate, ask questions, and THAT is the power of being human. All you have to do to take your power is take control of your information. When we all, or at least a majority, do that, we can attempt to take down those who have taken our power and get our world back. Seek out the truth, always question what you’re being told, and cherish and respect your ability to learn, to grow, to change, to be human.


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