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Ileaa Swift, owner of Swift Travel Deals

By Terrah Baker

Have you ever wanted to travel while making a positive difference and not spending your next three months rent, possibly leaving you homeless? If you’re human, and a part of the large majority of working class citizens, most likely your answer is “yes.”

We humans have a need for change, excitement, exploration, adventure, but unfortunately, we also have a need to be tethered to our money making activities and the day-to-day grind. Looking at this conundrum, owner of Swift Travel Deals Ileaa Swift came up with an idea.

The Journey Begins

“My idea to start Swift Travel Deals was to create an avenue to allow everyone to travel the world, regardless of budget or need,” Swift explained.

That’s a lofty goal, in a world where most everyone is stretched for resources and time. But through creative payment options, low deposits, and a new Travel with a Purpose program, she said she’s making it happen.

“The Travel with a Purpose program allows travelers to travel the world for leisure but also participate in volunteer efforts such as beach cleanups and volunteering at orphanages, hospitals, etc., in order to become socially and environmentally aware,” Swift said.

Swift Travel Deals opened in February 2012, after Swift spent seven years booking and researching travel for family and friends as a passion and a hobby. She studied the travel industry and researched agency franchise options, prior to starting her own company. Since opening, Swift has reached an estimated 200,000 clients and potential travelers worldwide and has a staff of five, including agents in Egypt and the UK.

As a Certified Travel Agent with the Travel Institute, Swift attempts to use her presence in the industry as a platform for philanthropy through volunteer efforts and community service.

The services her company offers are standard to the industry — domestic flights, worldwide hotels, luxury and affordable vacations and cruises, discounted corporate and small business travel, private jets and yacht charters, exotic car rentals, chauffeured car services, discounted car rentals and group travel — but she is most proud of her Travel with a Purpose Program, where she can offer exclusive discounted group rates as well as opportunities to learn and grow.

Travel With a Purpose

“Travelers get to see the world differently through the eyes of people around the world,” she said. “Donating money to a worthy cause is a beautiful way to give back to our world…however, with our Travel with a Purpose Program, you can travel the world for adventure, culture and sightseeing while also impacting the lives of others by traveling.”

Through the program, travelers can also experience cultural and educational study programs that include international village and city based tours.

Swift was originally inspired to start the program after her own experience traveling the world and seeing impoverished areas and struggling local populations. She began having candid converstaions with people living in these locations and realized there were ways tourists could not only enjoy the benefits of the area, but help with mitigating the downfalls.

Payment Plans

The payment plans offered at Swift Travel Deals allow even those without large chunks of cash, or a great credit history, to travel the world on a budget. The plans can be applied to flight, hotel, wedding, rental car and cruise packages.

The payment options allow travelers to book their vacation in advance without paying a full amount upfront. This way, travelers get advance low rates, along with the no interest fees, credit check or set payments. Travelers can pay as much or as little as they like until their final due date. The down payment for vacations can be as little as $50 with a final payment due 45 days before departure date.

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