Five People Making Ripples

Five People Making Ripples
Making Ripples

Lavender from Herbal Simplicity.

Meet Pauline Thiessen, Karyn Zaremba, Chamisa Wheeler, Judith Ann Griffith and Don Matt, five everyday local heroes making a difference with their lifestyle and careers in Northwest Arkansas. Do you know someone who is making ripples in the world? Nominate them to be featured in People Making Ripples, and share their inspiration with others who might be encouraged to try something new in their own life. Send nominations to: with a brief description telling us what your local hero is doing.

Ninestone Land Trust, a 412-acre conservation land trust near Berryville, has worked tirelessly since 1994 to protect and steward Ozark native habitat for the benefit of our native species, education and scientific research, and the enjoyment of future generations. In partnership with the NWA Audubon Society, on Sunday, April 13, they are hosting a birding field trip. Meet at Ninestone by 9 a.m. for a fun hike, birds, creek, bluffs, wildflowers and a potluck at noon overlooking the famous waterfall. All trips are free & open to the public. You do not need to be an Audubon member or an experienced observer to participate. For directions and more information, contact: Judith Ann Griffith & Don Matt, Ninestone Land Trust, (870) 545-3559,

Herbal Simplicity, located at 317 E. Huntsville Rd. in Fayetteville, is an urban farm, garden and event center for concerts, weddings, movies and more. It was founded by Karyn Zaremba and Chamisa Wheeler, a mother/daughter team making their own products and growing organic veggies and herbs. Family was the main draw for them to start Herbal Simplicity to promote health and sustainability. They offer classes and workshops on organic farming, home gardening, sustainable living, plant and herbal studies, canning, food preservation, healthy cooking, natural products and much more. Call (479) 225-8130 for more information and to learn about upcoming events and classes.

Pauline Thiessen learned about healthy, sustainable farming skills from her grandmother, and named her organic goat farm, Seven Mornings, in her grandmother’s honor. She grew up gardening with her mother, and was exposed to canning, quilting, composting and more from a young age — even starting to work at Ozark Natural Foods when she was just 15, where she currently works with 36 local producers as Produce Manager. She’s been dairy farming with goats for six years now, preferring the LaMancha, Saanen, and French Alpine breeds. It’s difficult raising goats organically because they’re susceptible to internal parasites. The key is to be constantly preventive, using herbal de-worming agents with fenugreek and other natural ingredients. Rotational, seasonal grazing also helps. It may be tough to stay organic, but Pauline is committed to these values, and despite many challenges and adventures, she continues the traditions her grandmother instilled in her life.

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