Fur And Leather Always Wears Better

Fur And Leather Always Wears Better

Cover 11.07Chilly Weather Layering Made Easy With Classic, Favorite Materials

This fall and winter season, as always, layering is practical and looks very stylish. My personal style preference is “simplicity is always the best concept!” That’s why this chilly season I’ve chosen to put my focus on fur and leather. These fantastic sturdy materials are definitely layering worthy! I, personally, prefer to pair them together for a grunge-look, with denim and the classic combat leather boot. However, if you are wanting/needing to add some sass to semi-formal attire, fur and/or leather will always deliver.

Being a thrifter for my local business, Mayapple Salon and Boutique, I totally appreciate how good quality materials like fur and leather hold up over the years, making it easy to find classic pieces from past decades in good condition. My business, along with other vintage and new apparel boutiques in NWA showed in a recent local fashion show “Retro on the Runway,” held at Nightbird Books, where fur and leather was our fashion forward message!

Melissa Arens, Mayapple Salon and Boutique

Hair: Amanda Hallam and Melissa Arens

Make-up: Melissa Arens, Andi Wise and Daryl Lee

Over-All Styling: Melissa Arens, Andi Wise and Amanda Hallam

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