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Photos By Terrah Baker
Core Brewing and Distilling added 15 50-barrell vessels as part of their growth to a regional distributer, and to keep up with their current demand.

Core Brewing and Distilling Co. in Springdale is expanding it’s operation with the hopes of becoming a regional, and even national distributor. The new system will allow them to brew the equivalent of 44,000 kegs a year, more than enough to serve all of Arkansas with some left over for neighboring states.

Core Brewing Company went from operating six 25-barrel vessels to an additional 15 50-barrel vessels, a significant growth for the little over a year they’ve been in NWA.

Owner Jesse Core said it was always his goal to expand his brewing company. And to make sure his dream was realized, he never let anything leave that wasn’t top quality and “medal” worthy. As a beer judge for almost two decades, he should know.

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Core Brewing and Distilling employees get the bar that’s part of their new “tasting room” ready for their expansion party. Jesse Core said they quickly outgrew their previous room that was about half the size.

“Our motto is pretty simple. If you want the best steak possible you have to buy the best meat. I just got back from the U.K. visiting our malting farms and barley farms …That way we’re making sure we get the best product here,” Core said.

Core has been brewing for 22 years, and said ultimately he expects his beers to be the “Sam Adams” of the South. With the new expansion that also includes a high-tech bottling system from China, he may be well on his way.


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Part of their new tasting room.

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A bottle labeling and production machine purchased for the expansion.

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The Back patio outside the new tasting room.

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