WordPlay Tells 72701 Stories Through Music

WordPlay Tells 72701 Stories Through Music

WordplayStaff Report

Terry Johnson Jr., a.k.a. WordPlay T.JAY, is an American recording artist, producer, and visual artist from Little Rock who’s known for his constant ambition and work ethic. He has also been seen in NWA emceeing for Mindblock (Fayetteville’s Alzheimer’s Benefit) and at the Block St. Block Party earlier that day. After deciding to leave his corporate job at Walmart headquarters to pursue his dreams of touring the country and making music, he is releasing a new album, due out July 27, 72701 Stories: College Ambitions.

T.JAY became a fan of Hip Hop at an early age and at 12 he began to study the music by memorizing entire albums from rappers like: Ludacris, Jay-Z and OutKast. This led to his later writing poetry and in high school his music career began.

In 2005, T.JAY got his first taste at radio play when he was voted “Hottest in the Rock” for his single “The South.” Soon after, he met Hip Hop mogul, Russell Simmons in a local night club and was told to continue to work towards his goals. This inspiration led to T.JAY founding his company On The Map Music Group in the same year. After four years of disciplined practice producing and writing he released his first album It Was Written in 2009.

WordPlay T.JAY’s ambition led to a transformation into the artist he is today. Beginning in 2010 he learned a different production style from combining sampling with his melodic, Southern instrumentation. This led to his most popular project Nothin’ Less which carried the single “Breakfast & Biggie.” The single was featured by XXL and Sway Calloway on MTV’s Rap Fix Live. This led to T.JAY’s first tour and more national attention. After he released his 2nd album So Much More, he opened up for a Bad Boy recording artist and continues to captivate fans. Today he is working on his 3rd studio album and continues to use his ambition to build a brand that reaches his goals.

Get a taste of his new album: soundcloud.com/wordplaytjay/sets/72701-stories-college

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