Teenagers Become Divine Divas In Fashion Show


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Shari Field-Goldberg with her Divine Divas.

By Dane Laborn

Divine Diva’s is a non-profit organization designed to help young women boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. Founded and run by Shari Field-Goldberg, a no-nonsense woman from New Jersey, Divine Diva’s seeks to inspire and motivate girls to become what they’ve always wanted to be, to help discover who they are, and to make friends and build bonds that will last forever.

“Since probably 1998 I wanted to create something. I knew that I wanted to help influence women, to give back. When I started focusing on younger women, I wanted to ensure that they not ever have to go through what I did. Being told you’re useless, that you are fat, getting no support from parents. I always had a vision of being a kind of Joyce Meyers figure,” Field-Goldberg said.

Shari sits across from me, an iced Mocha Latte to her left and a pile of flyers in front of her. She hands me a stack of assorted papers; information on Divine Diva’s and their upcoming fashion show. “What are women?” I thought to myself. “Young girls grown up. Get them young, teach them that they are good, they are beautiful, they are worthy, and later in life, they won’t feel the need to do some of the things that so many use to escape that pain of their past. They’ll know they are better,” Field-Goldberg explained.

She moved to Northwest Arkansas from New Jersey because her husband, Kenneth Goldberg — a man she describes as her rock, and the reason she wakes up in the morning and is able to do what she does — works for Walmart in Bentonville. The Jersey attitude came along with her, and her no-nonsense take has helped form Divine Diva’s into a wonderful outlet for local teen girls, some of whom just need a place to be, and a chance to make some friends.

Shari runs the Divine Diva’s, keeping track of everything they do. Using a reward system as a catalyst, she and the girls garden, making homemade pizza from the resulting fresh ingredients. With two horses, she encourages horse therapy; engaging with and helping care for the horses in turn teaches care-taking techniques, and to look outside of oneself. From art projects to cooking, Shari has a multitude of things to engage the girls, and her personality and the way she handles what is thrown her way keeps them coming back.

Divine Diva’s goal is to ensure that girls have an outlet. Shari offers something of a mentor-ship to them, helping them when they need help and ensuring that they are taken care of, teaching them valuable life skills all the while, and ensuring that they always have somewhere to turn when needed.

Last Saturday, they put on their first annual Fashion Show, “A Divine Evening Extravaganza.” The band My Neverland played, and local vendors were out. Guests got a look at some awesomely affordable fashions from some local boutiques. at The Old Colonial Court Event Center in Bentonville; with fashions featured by The Haley, Blue Moon and Posh Alley, raffles, auctions, live music and more. And 100 percent of the proceeds went to help the Divine Diva’s keep doing what they do. To donate, volunteer or learn more, visit www.facebook/divinediva’s/bentonville,ar

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