FAUXNZ Create Real Original Music

FAUXNZ Create Real Original Music

FAUXNZBy Roger Barrett

Fayetteville’s Fauxnz (Phones) create multi-faceted and contorted music that blurs the lines between genres. Their music is moving, never settling in one place for too long, and not without occasionally pulling the rug out from under you. One of the few bands you might see playing an art show one night and a metal show the next. I talked to Fauxnz (Charlie Rausch, Brian Abel, Sam King, Zack Wait) about the band, the new record, and upcoming shows, so here goes…

Q: How and why did Fauxnz begin?

A: SAM: Fauxnz started in 2010 as a one-off project and farewell for Brock Mitchell, who was about to move away to Chicago. Zack, Brian, Brock, and I wrote five songs in five practices and played the set at the now-defunct Sang House. We were still into the songs so Zack recruited Charlie to play drums after Brock moved.

BRIAN: We still play three of those original five songs on the reg and one of them (“Watched Blood”) is on the EP.

Q: What non musical influences contribute to the songs?

A: BRIAN: Technology. Fearing/embracing connectivity. Mis-heard eavesdroppings. Puns. Distorting everyday minutiae until it seems meaningful.

Q: Any unexpected musical influences?

A: BRIAN: I do my best to raid the Thin Lizzy/Shudder To Think vaults.

SAM: Steely Dan. Also, Zack has a pretty powerful ska fixation.

CHARLIE: I just popped on some Bjork the other day.

Q: How does a Fauxnz song happen?

A: SAM: It’s different for every song. Usually somebody comes in with an idea, but then everyone contributes. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, and other times it can take months. We demo stuff and then forget about it and then rediscover it months later. We’re real organized like that.

Q: Are there any rules or philosophies that guide the band?

A: BRIAN: Don’t wear out your welcome.

SAM: Taking stuff too seriously can really suck all the air out of the room. Also, everyone in the band appreciates weirdness. That’s pretty crucial.

CHARLIE: You know, sometimes we go weeks without seeing or talking to each other just cause stuff gets in the way and we all have our own lives to live. It’s been about three years now and I feel like we’re still in the first trimester.

ZACK: Scratch tickets.

Q: You guys are about to release a record – Where did you record? How many songs? When is it available?

A: SAM: We recorded it with Adam Putman at Insomniac Studios in spring 2012. We recorded a bunch of stuff with him and then whittled it down to a 6-song EP.

CHARLIE: Aside from being a really good engineer, Adam makes you feel very comfortable in the studio and allows you to be in the moment without feeling rushed or cluttered. Really easy to work with and really good results.

SAM: The EP is available for download & pre-order on our bandcamp page starting June 11. Also locally at Sound Warehouse.

Q: Fayetteville punk bands seem to break up after they release a record – Will you continue?

Is it more difficult to keep a band together in your late 20’s/early 30’s?

A: BRIAN: We’re not in a hurry to do much, so I see the breakup as a long, drawn-out Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas affair.

CHARLIE: I didn’t know we were a punk band.

Q: What’s your favorite spot to play shows?

A: BRIAN: Wherever we can get loud. Bars can be fun but we would really like to play for some kids!

Find out more, listen to music and purchase their album for $10 at fauxnz.bandcamp.com. See them next August 17 at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville w/ Benjamin Del Shreve.

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