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Government Programs: Another Form Of Corporate Bailout

“Often we blame the poor for their use of these safety nets, but how can we allow corporations to pay individuals a wage inconsistent with the reality of today’s economy

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Ozark Slow Food Supports Local Food Diversity Through Mini-Grants

By Terrah Baker There’s no doubt being a small farmer is hard work. Long hours, intensive labor, and often times making just enough to keep the farm alive for next

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The Jaws Of Ex-Wife

“As I explain with some frequency, women evolved to be the harder-to-get sex because having sex meant they could end up a single mother dragging a kid around the Sahara.


America’s Favorite TV Psychopath

By Dane LaBorn America’s favorite psychopath is about to put away his knives and retire. Dexter entered his eighth and final season on June 30. After seven years of following

Making Ripples

Ripples Field Trips

By Amanda Bancroft Since the beginning of Ripples in the fall of 2011, we have made over 20 site visits to places where sustainability is a way of life. From


Equality Clarification

To the Editor, After reading the article in the July 4 edition of The Free Weekly, it came to my attention that there was a misconception that could be misinterpreted

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Mercury Direct, Full Moon, Leo Solar Festival

  Esoteric Astrology as news for week July 18-24, 2013 Thursday is Nelson Mandela Day (b. July 18, 1918, South Africa). He has Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer (sign

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Three Summer DIY’s

By Tanya Giraldo As summer rolls around, whether one is bored or saving money for vacation, Pinterest and other do-it-yourself social phenomenon can become an obsession. Everyone starts filling up

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The Alliance Completes Paddling Trips with Area Youth

Staff Report Beaver Watershed Alliance (the Alliance) recently completed a series of paddling trips with area youth. The trip was one of four paddling day-trips that the Alliance held, in


Fossils of Ancient Robots

F.O.A.R. has been stirring up dancing shoes since 2009