Fashion On Safari

Goodwill HuntingBy Emily Smith

Interested in trying an updated Girl Scout meets Benetton look? How about a no-holds-barred Tigress of the Outback ensemble? Achieving safari style is easy to do when starting with a khaki/olive base and piling on the ethnic/tribal/outback-approved accessories.

As seen Here: A simple, cotton, olive frock hemmed short and the edges left raw is topped with a lightweight orange silk jacket to add texture. Layered vintage coin necklaces, brass cuff, rope and leather belt, and suede platforms add dimension and pull the worldly look together. Voila! You are ready for your next romp in the wild!

Emily is the owner/curator of the online vintage boutique, Emily’s Onemanband ( Photos By Quentin Daniel Photography

Vintage cotton dress, $2.50 GW

1980s silk jacket, Liz Claiborne, $2 GW

‘New’ rope/leather belt, Gap $2 GW

Vintage brass cuff, $1 GW

Vintage coin necklaces, $2 each HH

“New” suede platforms, Jeffery Campbell $8 GW

TOTAL: $19.50

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