An Invisible Summer

An Invisible Summer
By Rachel BirdsellLast year in celebration of summer, I wrote a list of things we could do to recapture our childhood. This year, I’m thinking about childhood again because, to me, you can’t have summer without being a kid – at least a kid at heart. If you’re going to suffer through your summer without letting your inner child come out to play once in awhile, don’t do it! Summer is meant for fun.

As a child, I was invincible in the summer. The summer itself was invincible. Together we were invincible squared. On that first day of summer, I was sure it would never end. The warm, school-free days would extend for a mere three months, but to me that was an eternity.

This summer, I want an invincible summer again. I want to be able to lie in the cool, green grass without worrying about what bugs are in there to bite me, or wondering if there are snakes around. Adulthood brings so much BS with it. I liked it much better when I didn’t worry about those things. What was a bug bite or two when there was summer glowing in the future? And more than likely, the only snake that would be seen was a garter snake.

This summer I want to once again experience the feeling you get in your belly when you swing too high, and I want to feel it without worrying about the swing breaking. I want to swing so high, the chain bumps when I get to the top. And then I want to jump out of the swing not even once thinking about breaking my ankle when I hit the ground.

This summer I want to eat watermelon and have the juice stain my chin and not care about looking like an idiot sitting there with watermelon juice on my chin. I want corn on the cob and grilled hamburgers and I don’t want to be scared that the charcoal is leaving carcinogens on my food. In fact, I want to forget that I even know what a carcinogen is.

This summer I want to ride my bike around the neighborhood and jump ramps. I want to soar down huge hills without worrying that I am going to end up in the hospital. I don’t want to mess with helmets and knee pads. I don’t want to wonder if a head injury will leave me in a coma.

This summer I want to tuck away adulthood and the worry that comes with it and I want to be invincible. You can join me if you want, and we can have the best, damn, invincible summer anyone has ever had.

Rachel Birdsell is a freelance writer and artist. You can reach her at

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