Drunken Sailor Music Makes A Kick-Ass Comeback

Drunken Sailor Music Makes A Kick-Ass Comeback

Trashcan BanditsStaff Report

Fayetteville’s The Trashcan Bandits are a drunken sailor, punk energy spreadin’, group of musical enthusiasts that rock the full houses they fill locally and around the state. A four-piece that genre jumps with reckless abandon that has now become a Fayetteville staple with their endless charitable appearances and now a new EP. With all their talent and charisma, we’ll let them do the talking …

Q: Give us a brief history of the band.
A: Before we talk about The Trashcan Bandits, we have to talk about where they came from: Cadre. Cadre was first and foremost, a family band. That’s not to say that all of their songs were family-friendly, but rather the way in which the band functioned modeled that of a family. Like most families, especially with six members, there were the occasional low tones of conflict and dissension but most importantly, Cadre maintained undertones of unity and harmony throughout its career. This is what brought us (Ed Cheek, Nicholas Clark, Dane Gamble and Patti Richardson) together; later to be called, The Trashcan Bandits.

The rest of Cadre grew increasingly bored after their lead singer, Curran Rehm (The Riff Tiffs, Brains For Dinner) left Fayetteville for Houston, Texas, after his graduation from UA. Finally, the rest of the band reached a tipping point. The former bandmates called each other up, desperate to play music with someone again and bringing along songs that they thought ironically enough, would end up in the trash. For the first time in months, the unity they had missed so much in cadre was back, only this time, taking the form of drinking/sailing songs mixed with jazz. They had all played together before but in Cadre none of them were on the instrument they were most comfortable with. Cadre was practice, The Bandits brought the show.

The majority of the songs The Bandits ended up playing were songs they had originally considered throw-away songs. This created a new angle to their musical style; playing the songs that others threw away.

The name also had special meaning for several of the members who lived out of their cars or were even homeless for several years. Dane, especially, had always resonated with the idea of being a sailor or pirate while being homeless; stealing food occasionally, roaming from place to place, and it comes out in their music. And now, with The Trashcan Bandits’ success in other towns, the band can once again sail on the seas of pavement to pillage, plunder and conquer wherever they may land.

Q: What’s the best way to explain your sound?
A: We are swamp grass!! Swamp Grass is our blend of American roots music, blues, bluegrass, folk, jazz, gypsy with a side of pirate and mud.
Another way we have called it is Indie folk jazz gypsy sailor bluegrass drinking music that sounds like somebody stole it from a trash can.

Q: What’s your favorite venue to play in Fayetteville and why?
A: Two Places: The Fayetteville Farmers’ Market — Farmer’s Market is awesome because it throws you right in the riptide of the Fayetteville community. When you play music on the square, people appreciate your work just like they appreciate the fresh veggies and flowers from the venders. We’ve always been welcomed there by the venders and the people. Bars are great for the party but Farmers’ Market is where Fayetteville’s heart is. Playing on the corner there feels like jammin’ in the living room … only you get tips.
George’s Majestic Lounge — We like that George’s has the credibility to host really big acts but still cares enough about the local community to take bands like us under their wing. They’ve been nothing but kind and supportive to us since our first set there. It’s full of people who genuinely care about their jobs so I’ve never felt like we were just another job to them. their heart has always been in it.

Q: Where/When can we get your recordings?
A: Yes we have an EP right now online on all social media sites (full details at facebook.com/thetrashcanbandits). We are finishing our full-length album recording at East Hall Studios right now. Release TBA.

Upcoming shows:
May 19 — Block Street Block Party – Maxine’s Stage at 3 p.m. on Block St.
June 28 — w/Ben Miller Band @ George’s
Listen now at www.reverbnation.com/thetrashcanbandits

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