Cultivating Food Security Through Community Gardening

Cultivating Food Security Through Community Gardening
Feed Fayetteville

Photo By Alena DeGrado
The garden beds outside of the Feed Fayetteville office on 221 S. Locust Ave. in Fayetteville.

Dear Editor:

Springtime is here and Feed Fayetteville is so excited to see our gardens growing! We have eight new straw bale gardens located at the Fayetteville Community Food Hub. These raised beds are designated SNAP Gardens.

Since 1973, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has provided participants the ability to purchase plants and seeds with SNAP benefits. This allows SNAP participants the opportunity to supplement their food budget with food they can grow themselves. The Fayetteville Farmer’s Market is a great place to purchase plants and seeds. Though all SNAP participants possess the ability to buy plants and seeds, not all participants possess the knowledge or the space to grow their own food. Feed Fayetteville provides garden plots free of charge for those wanting to learn and practice organic gardening in a community, supportive setting.

The mission of Feed Fayetteville is to create community food security by cultivating a sustainable food network. We believe that a sustainable food system is a system in which everyone has access to delicious, nutritious and affordable food. We believe that SNAP Gardening empowers people to actively increase their own food security by growing food for themselves. In addition to the community self-reliance we hope to cultivate, we want to encourage the community to use environmentally-conscious gardening techniques that promote healthy soil and thriving surrounding ecosystems.

Feed Fayetteville welcomes gardeners of all skill levels and looks forward to teaching participants how to prepare and preserve their bounty with cooking and canning classes as our healthy harvest approaches.

Alena DeGrado
Programs Coordinator, Feed Fayetteville

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