‘Invisible Light’ On Display At Common Grounds

‘Invisible Light’  On Display  At Common Grounds

Exhibit Shows Scenes Shot In Infrared Light

Courtesy photo: “Where Time is Kept With Tree Rings, 2012,” by Adam Ritchey

Common Grounds is presenting “Invisible Light,” a collection of infrared images by Fayetteville photographer Adam Ritchey.

Unlike visual light, the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to humans. To capture this shadowy light, Ritchey uses a specially-modified camera which blocks normal light and enhances infrared wavelengths.

The images reveal an unseen world where skies are black and green foliage takes on an otherworldly radiance.

“Many of these scenes would be unremarkable in normal, visual light,” Ritchey said. “But in the infrared, even the most common subjects become ethereal.”

There are 15 large-format prints in the exhibit, with sizes up to 24×36. The images are for sale in strictly limited editions of 15 prints each.

More information and a preview of the images can be found at the photographer’s website, adamritchey.com.

“Invisible Light” runs now through September at Common Grounds on Dickson Street.

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