Street Fashion Is Where It’s At!

Street Fashion Is Where It’s At!

Black leather suspenders and pouches 2013 Ad designs $145; used men’s jeans $40 (all available at Mayapple Boutique)

There is an art to wearing affordable pieces and making them look desirable. In fact, this is known as the trickle up effect: fashion starting on the streets and trickling up into the couture world.

We have a fantastic fashion scene in Fayetteville with all the creative local designers and unique affordable boutiques — no need to spend too much or travel too far to look good.

Mayapple Boutique and Grey Dog Vintage Boutique are two of many great shops where you can find unconventional and affordable pieces.


Hair and makeup design: Melissa Arens

Styling: Natalie Denton

Clothing: Grey Dog And Mayapple Boutique

Models: Jenny Tuz and Dylan May

Used sunglasses $10; gold chains $18 each; macrame purse $24, sailor print dress $40 (all available at Grey Dog Boutique)
























American Apparel cobalt blue Onesie $26; Floral 70s high-waisted skirt $36; wooden necklace $24; (available at Grey Dog Boutique)

























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