It's a Start

It's a Start

I am supportive of the EPA’s recent air quality ruling showing the need for capturing part of the known air pollutants, but it is the tiniest of first steps to recognize a very severe problem. Establishing a period of transition to responsible gas extraction for public safety is badly needed. Companies should not be let off the hook if there are higher costs, because it is their poor management and greed that has set the stage for the bottom fall out of the market. Communities have long recognized the health risks that come with growing impact of natural gas development. This positive move to allow science to serve as a guide to safer extraction is a much needed and appreciated action. I feel future science-based analysis of ongoing concerns now has a better chance at being addressed.

Please watch.

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The video announces the new report from Dr. Colborn on air pollution and drilling. Any statements praising this EPA move needs qualifications, but the public needs to feel it is being heard and that some progress is being made. This hardly fixes things since there was no mention of why volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and the BTEX chemicals: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene plus radio active icotopes are allowed to vent. It was logical for them to try to capture the methane, since it is salable, but to let flaring continue only addresses the greenhouse gas problem and not the public health issues of the multitude of other toxins.

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