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Books For Babies
The Dolly Parton Imagination Library and the United Way of Northwest Arkansas have partnered to bring books to the children of Northwest Arkansas. Thanks to an anonymous startup donation of $40,000, 400 children will be able to receive one book, every month, for four years. Any child under the age of 1 who lives in Benton, Washington or Madison counties is eligible for enrollment in Arkansas. McDonald County in Missouri is also included. By donating $25, you can provide one year’s supply of books to a child.
To register your child or to donate, visit the Imagination Library website,

Vice Principal Resigns
Warren Fyfe, the 43-year-old man accused of eight counts of indecent exposure, resigned from his position as vice principal at Ramay Junior High. Fyfe reportedly exercised nude in front of an open window of his home, which is located near Wilson Park and the Pi Beta Phi sorority house. He started as vice principal in 2007.

Farewell To Francs
It’s been a decade since France shifted from francs to euros, but after 600 years, the franc will officially become obsolete at the end of business on Friday. The deadline has prompted a last-minute rush to French banks, but the central bank estimates that half-a-billion euros worth of francs with remain unexchanged.

The deadline arises at an interesting time for the European Union and its new currency. Only the second country to completely phase out its national currency, France and Italy will be the only countries to operate exclusively in euros.

The continental currency has fallen under scrutiny with the European Union’s failure to prevent the economic crisis that has swept the globe and that is now threatening to force Greece into returning to the dharma.

A New Flying Possum
Flying Possum, the iconic and beloved business specializing in leather products is scheduled to return to Fayetteville. Destroyed in a fire, which also claimed the life of owner Bruce Walker, the building on Dickson Street has remained unoccupied since March 2011.

The Flying Possum will have a new location on Block Avenue, and will have a new owner and operator, Bruce’s brother Bob Walker. The business is scheduled to open by the end of March.

Trade(Mark) Dispute
The Chinese company Proview International is taking Apple to court over a dispute over rights to the iPad trademark. In a 2009 agreement, Apple paid a Proview affiliate $55,000 to purchase the iPad trademark rights in 10 Asian countries, including China.

Proview, which registered the trademark in China in 2001, won a ruling in December that declared the company was not bound by the sale. Proview has now filed a trademark violation lawsuit, and iPads are being seized from retailers in some cities.

The company has announced it will ask custom officials to stop imports and exports of iPads. If officials agree, global sales may be disrupted as the products are manufactured in China. This move could put China in a sensitive political situation, demanding support of either an international retailer or the current trade law.

It has been reported that Proview is deeply in debt, and there is some speculation that the financial situation is putting more pressure on the company to receive compensation from Apple. Likewise, with the threat of an interference with production, Apple is predicted to move quickly to resolve the conflict, though it has yet to agree on a settlement. Apple’s appeal hearing is scheduled for WednesdayFeb. 29.

Safer Scanners
A new walk-through electronic body scanner at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport hopes to eliminate privacy concerns.

In addition to reducing the number of pat-downs, the new scanner produces no harmful radiation.

The scanner reproduces a generic outline for each passenger, identifying a specific area needed for additional screening. The scanner uses millimeter technology and detects metallic and nonmetallic threats, including liquid and powders.

Though there are only 350 machines in 100 airports across the country, the scanner is not new to Arkansas. Little Rock National Airport has had two in operation since December 2011.

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