Firestone Walker’s Double Jack

Beer O’ The Week: Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA

A one-two punch of delicious, dangerous

Wamp’s Wisdom

(PHOTO: J.T. WAMPLER) Double Jack double India pale ale from Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Double Jack IPA is an imperial India pale ale from Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, Calif. The brewery ferments in the Firestone Union oak barrel system that utilizes 65-gallon American oak barrels that impart a unique flavor.
This 9.5 percent alcohol double IPA pours a bright honey color with a substantial white head. Grapefruit aroma assails the nose. Taste is robust fruity hops with a slight alcohol tickle. Finish is clean and hoppy with a slight lingering bitterness. For such a big beer it is surprisingly well balanced. It could be dangerous on a hot day.
Firestone Walker beers are not yet available in Northwest Arkansas. Luckily Missouri is close, and Macadoodles has many good beers to choose from.
Rating: 5 caps

Rico’s Reaction

This is another one of those very delicious, potent beers that should be drunk with care — precisely because it is delicious and potent.
Firestone Walker is a brewer that clearly takes its beers seriously, crafting some excellent examples of barley pop. Their Double Jack India pale ale comes across every bit as good as the Walker’s Reserve ale we reviewed earlier. With two such fine beers sampled, I’d really like to take a crack at the rest of their lineup as it becomes available in the area … or even better, take a tour of their brewery.
The problem/wonderful thing about Double Jack is you can’t taste the alcohol in it. It’s so well made that the high alcohol content — 9.5 percent — is completely hidden within the luscious ambrosia of hops and malts. This makes this particular IPA a very dangerous drink indeed because it’s just so easy to quaff.
So, give it a try, but have a mattress fluffed up and ready to go for a nice snooze.
Pair with 40 winks in a hammock or lying slack-jawed and drooling face down on the couch while a marathon of “The Bachelorette” plays on the television you forgot to turn off.
Rating: 5 caps

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