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Eat It: T&T Diner

Fries disappoint, but Sonora diner overall pleasing

17440 E. U.S. 412

By Rachel Birdsell

TFW Contributing Writer


Preamble Ramble

T&T Diner was on my list of joints to review, and when I figured out where it was, I almost turned around and ate somewhere else. I have to admit that the reason I almost turned around is because the diner is attached to a gas station, specifically, the Valero in Sonora.

The diner isn’t in the gas station, but in an adjacent building that is attached to the gas station by a couple of rows of blocks at the tops of the buildings, so it’s only barely attached. Anyway, I figured that if anyone was going to try a restaurant next to a gas station, I should be the one to take one for the team.


Food for Thought


T&T is really more along the lines of a dairy bar rather than a diner. I’m pretty sure that when it’s your maiden voyage to a dairy bar-type establishment, the only thing you can do is order a cheeseburger. If a greasy spoon can lay out a decent burger, chances are the other sandwiches will be good. I also got an order of fries with my meal and a small chocolate shake. I’m pretty sure that chocolate shakes are a necessary accompaniment to an inaugural burger.

I really didn’t expect much more than the typical diner frozen fries. Even though my expectations were already low, I was still disappointed with the fries. They most certainly tasted like frozen fries, and when they arrived at my table, they were cold, limp and greasy — kind of like a handshake you’d expect to get from a deep South politician at a fish fry.

After the fries, I did not have high hopes for the burger. I timidly took a bite, and holy cuh-rap! it was good. It was a real beef patty — one that had been hand-formed and then cooked. It had flavor and was so much better than the fries. It didn’t even seem like they could have been cooked at the same restaurant, much less by the same person.

Now, the burger wasn’t the best I’ve had and wouldn’t ever be called gourmet, but for a greasy spoon burger, it was just right. It was piled with fresh lettuce, tomato and onion and was topped with a slice of cheese and held together by a soft bun.

The milkshake was good but most certainly didn’t bring all the boys to the yard. The consistency was great, but it needed more chocolate.


The Sporkcast

(1-5 sporks)


Atmosphere: 3.4 sporks with a broken tine and stick-on tiles on the handles. It’s exactly what you’d expect a greasy spoon that was somewhat attached to a gas station to be.

Food: 4.00 hand-carved sporks that were singing old cowboy ballads. Now that I know that the regular cheeseburger is passable, I’ll have to try one of the dressed-up burgers.

Staff: 4.5 brass sporks with telescoping tines. The crew at T & T was friendly, prompt and did I mention friendly? These guys were totally covered up in call-in orders and still managed to be super nice.

Dollars spent: There was a special going on when I ate and it was 2 burgers, 2 orders of fries, and 2 drinks for $8.99. I know, right? I think that may have been part of the reason they were so busy.

Chance of Returning: If I’m around Sonora one day with a hankerin’ for a hamburger, I’ll definitely stop back by T&T and get a burger and shake for the road.


If you know of a great eating place, drop me a line at rabirdsell@gmail.com. I’ll check it out and let you know what I think.

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