Dismay At 'Eat It' Comment

Letter to the Free Weekly

Editor and Rachel Birdsell,

I was surprised and dismayed to read in the “Eat It” column the remark that Glenn Beck is not a “real person.”

I can easily find such disgusting hate speech on the Internet or radio. I was stunned to find it in The Free Weekly. It’s the same old bigotry that let some people keep others as slaves (“they’re not really people, you know”) or murder millions in Germany and Russia.

I supposed this paper was part of the solution. Sadly, I see you are as arrogant, intolerant and mean-spirited as anyone else who is part of the problem — an elitist division of people through hate.

Your paper has nothing to offer me. But then why should you care since you can dismiss and denigrate me as easily as you can anyone else not really a person?

— Bill Corbin

Categories: Commentary