UA Gets $20,000 Grant

Grant To Aid UA Participation
In President’s 100,000 Strong

A $20,000 grant will help the University of Arkansas participate in 100,000 Strong, a presidential program to expand the number of U.S. students learning abroad in China.

The grant comes from the F.Y. Chang Foundation/U.S.-China Education Trust and will be disbursed as travel grants to those studying in China in 2011. President Barack Obama’s 100,000 Strong initiative’s goal is to send 100,000 (duh) pupils to China during the next four years, hoping to create continuing experts in U.S.-China relations.
(Side note: Fulbright College at the UA has expanded its language programs and will offer a minor in Mandarin Chinese beginning in fall.)

Three other places — Boston University, San Francisco State University and University of Northern Alabama — also received the grant.

Commentary: Now just sit back and wait for reactionary bloggers to use this as proof that Obama is a Communist and wants to hand the U.S. over to the Chinese. Whee!

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