Too Close For Comfort

Up Front Parking

(Staff Photo: Richard Davis) Shiloh Laundry in Springdale requests that no one attempt to park inside the building on Friday, Oct. 15, 2010. At least, not again.

What is it with people wanting a close parking space?
Earlier this year, a driver parked his truck inside the Pontiac Coffee House in Springdale, mangling the door and shattering glass. Now another Springdale business has been hit with a close encounter.
Sometime after midnight on Friday, Oct. 15, a truck went through the glass exterior at the Shiloh Laundry in Springdale. Despite the utter mess of a disaster this impact must have caused, someone managed to keep a sense of humor about the situation
Result: Win! No, it’s not a because of some hidden anarchistic desire to smash private property or tear down the establishment. It’s a win because despite the awful task the clean up must have been, someone took the time to paint “No Inside Parking” with a smiley face on the temporary plywood covering the building. That’s keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of misfortune.

Deserved Kudos
Some locals are getting recognition at the state level with a couple of Governor’s Art Awards.
If jazz has a friend in Northwest Arkansas, it’s Robert Ginsburg who’s been producing the “Shades of Jazz” radio show since 1979 and can currently be heard Saturday nights on KUAF. He’s also the head honcho and creator of the North Arkansas Jazz Society and serves as jazz curator for the Walton Arts Center. He’ll be getting the Arts Community Development Award.
In addition, Still on the Hill — Kelly Mulhollan and Donna Stjerna — will receive the Folklife Award for their contributions to — surprise! — preserving Ozark folk music
Result: Big Win! An awful lot of awards get handed out these days. So much so, that most often the reaction is a “ho-hum” or a “really, those people?” But it’s sure nice to see recognition going to people who’ve worked their butts off to deserve it. Big kudos to all these folks.

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