The University of Arkansas is proving again how to be on top. I’m not talking about the new recruits for 2011 Razorback athletics, although that’s definitely exciting. I’m talking about keeping up with the times, i.e. technology.
The UA has launched UARK mobile, an iPhone app. If you don’t have an iPhone you can be teased at mobile.uark.edu, but if you do, search University of Arkansas at the iTunes App Store and be in Hog Heaven!

A Sad Tail

OK, I’ve been known a time or two to be naïve. When this e-mail tip came to me, I thought, of course, this is a farce, an exaggeration, an insult to the strides of humanity we have achieved as a race.
Well, that just defiantly defines my sheltered, hopeful, childlike being. Check out Missourians for the Protection of Dogs/Yes on Prop B, but be cautioned, it’s not for the faint of heart.
The message I received states that 3,000 puppy mills are in Missouri. That’s 30 percent of the existing puppy mills in the U.S. Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas are also leading states that still commercially breed animals. Guess now that I think of it, that’s where the pups and kittens in most major pet stores come from.
A tip: If you don’t want a mass-produced puppy — besides the obvious route of adopting from a shelter — ask to see the papers of the critter and see if it was shipped from a “broker.”

Sequoyah Docks

The docks at Lake Sequoyah are decrepit and will be removed at the end of this year. The Fayetteville Parks and Recreation division is looking for feedback about replacing the docks to see if there’s enough interest from renters to support such improvements or if the money would be better spent on access and trails. Call 444-3471 by Friday, Oct. 15 to give your input.

Generous Upgrade

The football team of the Boys & Girls youth league got an incredible opportunity last weekend when their Saturday game was moved from the Fayetteville High School Stadium to Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.
Coach Bobby Petrino invited the young players to experience the thrill of Razorback Stadium, minus about 71,900 fans, on the field. Coach Petrino’s generosity is a great recruiting tool, and the boys were truly impressed, especially with the softness of the turf.

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