The Messy Sparkles

Admit it, you’ve heard of Messy Sparkles, JD Paul, man about town, house show regulator, George’s go-to afterparty starter, pet lover.

You’ve danced beside him at a party without realizing it, you’ve seen him on YouTube jamming with the Mystic Valley Band or you’ve met him at a bookstore and discussed stealing turtles.

You’ve most definitely seen him drumming for Memphis Pencils and Apartment 5. You’ve thought about inviting him to Chuck E. Cheese.

Messy Sparkles’ songs work as instant buzz songs or as a soundtrack for a walk through the woods. Layers reveal themselves to you by replaying in your head on bike rides and late night swims. Songs such as “Thank God” and “Feeling Good Forever” work on many levels and are worthy of repeat listenings for a real life dance party or an imaginary one, where you’re not awkward and Michael Jackson is alive and well. RIYL having a good time, nude walks in the woods, strobe lights, hummus or choreographed dreaming.

I asked JD 20 questions …

1. Have you found or stolen a turtle yet?

A: Sadly, I have not, But I am going to start getting a nice little turtle home ready so whenever I do Find/Buy/Or steal (free from a pet store), the little guy will have a cozy home with lots of love.

2. Do you have a secret place? Where is it?

A: Secret Pool is my secret place. And it is a secret. And by that I am trying to say I don’t really know how to get there.

3. Favorite restaurant?


4. Favorite ’80s dance move?

A: Moonwalk

5. Describe a good day?

A: Wake up/ Farmers market/Lunch at Petra/play music with some friends/go for a scooter ride/play some more music/drink some beer/play some more music/sleep.

6. Favorite subject?

A: In school? Probably P.E. Or Art.

7. Name drop your favorite person, feel free to talk them up.

A: Rick Moranis. The glasses, the calculator watch, the brilliant films, the goofy/nerdy/shy/ but I still get the girl anyway! Luh dat guy.

8. Review the last movie you saw.

A: Just saw “Inception.” Really weird and awesome. But I don’t think my subconscious would shoot people.

9. “Harry Potter,” “Twilight” or “Narnia”?

A: Harry Potter

10. Who is the funniest person alive right now?

A: Taylor (par-tay-tay) Wyatt

11. What do you read in the bathroom?

A: Either Vice or the newspaper

12. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old?

A: It was a three-way tie between a Professional basketball player, Olympic trampoline-ist, Or a mega famous rock and roll drummer.

13. Have you ever purchased a fake mustache from Southside IGA?

A: No, but I have purchased a fake mustache from Pizza Hut on School Street, Cheap Thrills and with tickets at Lokomotion.

14. What does JD stand for?

A: John David Paul is my full name, all first names, all from the Bible.

15. Favorite local band? Why?

A: A tie between Perpetual Werewolf, Niall, Timber!, and Any of the projects that Brian Wolf has made.

16. Explain Messy Sparkles?

A: Messy Sparkles is me with midi, drums, samplers, mouth sounds, singing, noise makers, lights, colorful decorations and some gnarly dance moves.

17. What have you been writing songs about lately?

A: My friends, dreams and what I hope the future does and does not bring.

18. Will there be a Messy Sparkles record in the future?

A: Definitely, it’s almost done!

19. When is your next show?

A: George’s Majestic Lounge for the Ghostland Observatory and STS9 afterparty on Sept. 2.

20. Ask readers a question of your own.

A: OK, readers: What is the definition of a good person in your opinion? E-mail me at

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