Under Budget

The extra piers needed for the completion of the Washington County Courthouse parking deck are estimated to cost about $1.7 million. Looks like the Quorum Court’s vote in February to pay per unit paid off. The contractor’s offer of a guaranteed flat payment of $2.85 million was way overestimated. The deck is expected to be completed by December.

Garland Construction

Garland Ave. will be under construction for the next two years. The plan is to expand the area between Poplar Street and Mount Comfort Road to make it appear more uniform with the avenue that leads into the University campus. The street will have four lanes and periodic 12-foot center medians.

Festival Movement

Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan has arranged a nine-member to assess the entertainment and economic draw of the town. The committee will focus on diversity, arts and entrepreneurism and hopefully construct more events and festivals that embrace the Fayetteville vibe. In addition, the committee will discuss how to streamline the application process for those wanting to host festivals.

New A&P Member

Bill Lyle, executive chef of Ella’s was recently appointed to the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission. Lyle will be a sounding voice from the inside of a kitchen to help promote a balanced and progressive demeanor for Fayetteville culinary.

Springdale Jail

According to a recent news report, the Springdale city jail does not have the capacity to house any more inmates. Regulations require segregation of men and women, misdemeanor and felony charges and convicts versus contained and waiting for trial. Many of the four-bedded rooms are not fully utilized. As a result home-monitoring and lenient dismissal of non-violent crimes occurs frequently.

No, Deer

Eureka Springs has passed the first stage of a no-feeding policy for deer in the city to try and diminish the presence of the grazing mammal. The intent will also hopefully reduce the number of deer-auto accidents in the area. A first offense for feeding deer is $100 and a second $200. The ordinance could be intact by August if approved.

Energy Help

With the extreme heat of last month some may already be battling an enormous energy bill. The Office of Human Concerns will accept applications for Summer Home Energy Assistance to aid those with qualifying incomes. For information call 877-777-6422.

Flying Cars

First, 3-D TV and now a flying car? It was bound to happen. The car company that was founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates has designed a light sport aircraft with retractable wings, airbags and a 30 mpg driving record. It can fly at 10,000 feet and is small enough to park in a household garage. The “Transition” Roadable Aircraft may be seen on the road and in the air as early as next year.

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