History Town

In honor of May as National Historic Preservation and Arkansas Heritage Month, the city’s Historic District Commission asked residents to answer six “best of” questions to celebrate Fayetteville’s history. Here are the results.

Best old house

Winner: Headquarters House and Gregg House (tie)

Runner up: 1 Mount Nord and 5 Mount Nord (tie)

Best old public place

Winner: Fayetteville Town Square

Runner up: Old Main

Best historic neighborhood

Winner: Washington-Willow National Register Historic District

Runner up: Mount Nord National Register Historic District

Best reuse of a historic building

Winner: Carnall Hall

Runner up: Bank of Fayetteville (Block Avenue) and the Mill District (tie)

Best old watering hole or eatery in a historic district

Winner: Hugo’s (although it’s not in a historic district, it is located in a building dating back to 1926).

Runner up: Carnall Hall

Best place to show your kids Fayetteville’s history

Winner: Headquarters House

Runner up: University of Arkansas campus

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