The Tobacco Shop

20 Years in Fayetteville

Tony Farnam, originally a tobacconist in Fort Smith, came to Fayetteville with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for pipes, fine tobacco and premium cigars. His dream was to open an upscale tobacco shop in Fayetteville for the serious pipe and cigar enthusiast.

On April 16, 1990, Farnam opened The Tobacco Shop on the southeast corner of Township Road and Gregg Avenue. Farnam and his sister Cathy Brown, the store manager, attend the International Premium Pipe and Cigar Retailers show each year to select pipes and smoking accessories from around the world to bring to NWA.

In addition to pipes and cigars, the shop offers bulk tobaccos, smoking accessories and humidors.

The shop recently added a small lounge area. There’s no flat screen, but a chessboard and a place where customers can relax and enjoy some conversation. Conversation among the regulars usually ranges from business to school to sports and everything in between, including pipes, tobaccos and cigars.

Farnam and his staff enjoy talking shop with their customers and have hosted several cigar tastings, some at the shop and others at local pubs, pairing the smokes with a particular wine, scotch or food.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the shop, there will be a party from 3 to 7 p.m. April 16 with music, food, door prizes and store specials.

For information on upcoming cigar tastings and instructions on pipe smoking, visit

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