Music Listings

Thursday, March 4

George’s: Melvin Seals & JGB

JJ’s Fayetteville: Jamie Wolfe

JJ’s Rogers: Travis Kidd

Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch

Soul: Miles Ralston

Friday, March 5

Bayou: Bad Karma

Boomer’s Time Out: Jammin Karaoke DJ

Deja Vu: DJ Brock

Ella’s: Timothy Paul

Fatty Hacker’s: Kincaid Karaoke

George’s: Earl & Them, FOS Project

Goodfolk: Dana Cooper

Greenhouse Grille: Mike Bewley

JJ’s Fayetteville: Maud Crawford

JJ’s Rogers: JFB

The Perk: Open Mic

Qdoba: Phosphenes

Smoke & Barrel: Shannon Wurst CD Release Party, Swamp Family Band

Teatro Scarpino: Bella Vista Big Band with Pamela Nelson

Zooloo’s: Karaoke

Saturday, March 6

Bayou: Isayah & The Allstars

Boomer’s Time Out: Brian Odle

Chelsea’s: 1 Oz. Jig

Deja Vu: DJ Brock

Eddie Haskell’s: Jovan Arellano

George’s: Mix Master Mike

JJ’s Rogers: Shiftpoint

Little O’Oprey: Live Jam

Qdoba: Skinny Jazz Quartet

Soul: Live Jazz

Teatro Scarpino: Bill Dollar & Loose Change

Sunday, March 7

Common Grounds: Tiffany Christopher, Jeff Metil

Copeland’s: Claudia Burson Trio

George’s: Fayetteville Funk Ensemble

Greenhouse Grille: Matt Jenkins, Miles Ralston

Pesto Cafe: Candy Lee

Monday, March 8

George’s: Bobaflex

JJ’s Fayetteville: Will Brand

The Perk: Acoustic Jam

Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray

Tuesday, March 9

Boston’s: Jovan Arellano

George’s: Tea Leaf Green

JJ’s Fayetteville: Jeff Fox

JJ’s Rogers: Mo Brothers

Teatro Scarpino: McLeod Burson Quartet

Wednesday, March 10

Ella’s: Jazz

George’s: Cody Bilyeu

Greenhouse Grille: Matt & Gus Smith

Grub’s: RockBand Karaoke

Ironhorse: Open Jazz

JJ’s Fayetteville: Mo Brothers

JJ’s Rogers: Jeff Fox

Jose’s Streetside: Karaoke

Teatro Scarpino: Snakeyes & the Bug Band

Thursday, March 11

21st Amendment: Jovan Arellano

George’s: Randy Rogers Band with Josh Abbott

JJ’s Fayetteville: Charliehorse Duo

JJ’s Rogers: Keith Nicholson

Pesto Cafe: Sarah Hughes

Soul: Miles Ralston

Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina


21st Amendment: 442-9792

Bayou: 246-9337

Boomer’s Time Out: 715-6530

Boston’s: 845-112

Chelsea’s: 253-6723

Common Grounds: 442-3515

Copeland’s: 246-9455

Deja Vu: 464-9677

Eddie Haskell’s: 254-9959

Ella’s Restaurant: 582-0400

Fatty Hacker’s: 751-0881

George’s: 527-6618

Goodfolk: 521-1812

Greenhouse Grille: 444-8909

Grub’s: 973-4782

Iron Horse: 631-9977

JJ’s Grill & Chill Fayetteville: 443-0700

JJ’s Grill & Chill, Rogers: 372-4460

Jose’s Streetside: 521-0194

Little O’Oprey: 839-2992

The Perk: 856-6382

Pesto Cafe: 582-3330

Qdoba: 444-7470

Smoke & Barrel Tavern: 521-6880

Soul Restaurant & Lounge: 442-0800

Teatro Scarpino: 409-3772

Zooloo’s: 236-0622.

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