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Practice Patience

Fayetteville is a destination for holiday shoppers from around the area, so be prepared for heavy traffic and longer waits at intersections.


The Grammys Need A Facelift

he Grammys might have been lost to some fans because of apathy or because of anger over choices, but one category seems to get it right every year and that is the Best New Artist category.

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Wines For Holiday Meals: Main Courses, Chicken And Pork

When we’re planning our holiday menus, we’ll have a lot of dishes to consider, from poultry to pork, or beef or lamb or game.

Advice Goddess

Want Lies With That?

My boyfriend of six months revealed that he’s never been faithful to anyone, not even his wife of 10 years, whom he cheated on constantly because he married too young and made himself stay for the kids.


10 Films For The Holidays

Based of a top rating of four stars


Nace Brothers and Black Leaf Clover

George’s: Color Club, Perpetual Werewolf, Egyptr, The Counterlife

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Garaj Mahal At Greenhouse Grille

The Greenhouse Grille is doing something different this Saturday night.

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Approval Margin Razor Thin

President Barack Obama’s disapproval numbers are within one percentage point of his approval rating, shows.


‘Blood And Guts: A History Of Surgery’

Generally speaking, nobody in their right mind would ask to be cut up like a rare steak.


The High Prices That Shouldn't Be

As visions of sugar plums and sky-high credit card bills dance in our heads, we are all desperately trying to find a way to save a buck this holiday season.