Bike Trail

Bike The Trail

The Fayetteville Visitors Center on the downtown square has adult and kids’ bikes for rent Monday through Saturday. Rates are $2 an hour, $5 for a half-day, $10 for a full day and $25 for the weekend. With all this rain, expect an awesome show of fall foliage. Get out and explore some of the city’s bike trails. Call 521-5776 to reserve a bike.

Primary Subjects

Fifty-eight schools in Arkansas are delegated as “state-directed” schools, meaning they’re not meeting standards set by the state Department of Education for the No Child Left Behind Act. Although none are in Washington County, 35 schools are ranked as on “Alert” or “Targeted Improvement.” Twenty-five are ranked “Achieving.”

Layaway Or Low Cost?

With the holidays creeping up, some shoppers miss “layaway.” Sears and Kmart are the only regional stores that offer this option, although Walmart and Target are fronting a $10 toys war. We’ll see if it’s the payment plan or the across the board low prices that will lure in consumers.

NWA On The Hill

Local residents attended a rally on Capitol Hill this week to condemn Medicare cuts on spending for medical imaging. Doctors, cancer survivors and advocates from the area are sending the message that imaging technologies are crucial to quick diagnosis and treatment.

More On The Hill

Five mayors from NWA, including Fayetteville mayor Lioneld Jordan, were in Washington, D.C., last week meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency to address new water regulations. The EPA wants more stringent water quality standards. Our local warriors say our wastewater treatment plant is ranked among the top 10 percent in the nation. They requested more federal funding to relieve taxpayers burden and want more justification of these new restrictions.

Trauma Centers

Washington Regional Medical Center and Northwest Medical Center of Bentonville were both approved to become Level III Trauma Centers. Both facilities will receive grants this November ranging from $25,000 to $500,000 to hire, staff and acquire equipment to perform at this level. That means more health care jobs and better emergency care for NWA.

Raising Millions

Congratulations to the hard-working fundraisers at JBU. So far the school has received $76 million in gifts and pledges. Officials announced a fundraising goal of $100 million to construct a new performing arts center, an arena, a new wing and reconstruction of the Cathedral Building. If the goal is met, almost $70 million will be added to the university’s endowment and annual scholarships.

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