'Don't Think It Hasn't Been Fun'

By Ginny Masullo

Emily Kaitz CD Release Party


229 N. Block St.


Phone 521-1812


Drew Pearce and Emily Kaitz

Emily Kaitz moved to Fayetteville 11 years ago from Austin, Texas, where she played prominently in the Austin music scene. Still performing there and around the country, her latest CD, “Don’t Think It Hasn’t Been Fun” marks Kaitz now as a Fayettevillian. Three songs on the album are distinctive to either the Ozarks or our fine town.

Known for her quirky and irreverent songs, Kaitz is a master of juxtaposing musical melodies against sardonic yet poignant lyrics. An accomplished bass player, guitarist and pianist, Kaitz assembles on “Don’t Think It Hasn’t Been Fun” other consummate musicians such as three-time Grammy nominated music producer Fred Bogert, Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill and Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet of Trout Fishing in America.

On the opening song, “Banjo Players in Heaven,” Phil Lancaster of Unlikely Stories plays what Kaitz characterizes as possibly the worst banjo solo ever played. But, she says it takes a really talented banjo player to pretend to “play badly so well.” The “good” banjo player is Drew Pierce. Kaitz says in the song that “it’s hard to find a banjo player up in heaven. There are some things that even Jesus won’t forgive.”

The songs recorded at different studios over the past five years are rich with various styles of music and unusual themes. Included is one of Kaitz’s rare serious love songs, “When I Am With You.” Sung with Grimwood, it features Bogert playing an exceptionally evocative trumpet.

“Catch and Release,” a song about fly-fishing, morphs perfectly into a song about love that never stays.

“Catch and release. He only keeps them long enough to admire and maybe get a picture if they truly please the eyes … one brief and wistful moment. No regrets or sad goodbyes.”

Darcie Deaville’s fiddle and Drifty Texarkana’s pedal steel contribute impeccably to the song’s longing.

Kaitz’s songs are definitely lyric-driven. She creates the lines as seamlessly as she does the often complex and sophisticated musical compositions that bring greater depth to her words.

As the title song, “Don’t Think It Hasn’t Been Fun,” might imply, Kaitz says this may be not the last CD she produces but it may be awhile before the next one. With six other CDs available on cdbaby.com, this listener and fan finds it her best yet.

The CD release show will feature all of the songs from “Don’t Think It Hasn’t Been Fun” and some of Kaitz’ other hits, some of which have been recorded by other bands such as Trout Fishing in America and the Austin Lounge Lizards.

Better get your reservations in early for the 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night show at GoodFolk. It will be a rocking, joyful house.

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