Band members, instruments and day jobs:

Deacon — Bass, guitar, lead vocals. Songwriter, producer, engineer.

Bryan Burkhart — Drums. Producer, engineer.

Peter Reis — Lead guitar, bass, background vocals. Guitar instructor, bartender, just married!

J.L. Jennings — Sax, percussion, keyboards. Entrepreneur.

Faryl Boykin — Background vocals, keyboards, percussion. Salesman.

Type of music: Rock, soul, funk, alternative, experimental.

Originals or covers? Both. It’s an ever-growing library of originals and selfishly chosen covers that we adore like “Pusherman” and “The Song Remains The Same.”

Songwriter’s muse: Instant gratification.

Influences: 1746-2009.

Accomplishments: Written and recorded more than 700 songs.

What kind of crowd do you draw? The beautiful ladies and gentlemen that love to drink, so it seems.

When and where do you practice? We don’t, but Deacon is always recording new songs everyday 24/7.

Any albums? Yeah! About nine Deacon albums, but the one you should download free at is called “Pirate Radio.” “Pirate Radio” is my new 23 song album featuring some very special guests including Peter Reis, Jay-Z, ChromeDome, David Gilmour, Shannon Forrest, Michael McDonald, Dumb Angel, Jimmy Chamberlin and my brother Walker. This album is one I will always stand behind because it is a damn good record that I crafted for years. It represents my eclectic, riff-loving, vocal-harmonizing self better than any of my previous secret releases.

Backstage ritual: We usually learn the songs we’re about to play and talk about you people.

Funniest or strangest thing that ever happened during a performance: One time during Springfest, we had two gigs and the first one stiffed us. So, we decided to abuse the bar with vicious revenge and no inhibitions whatsoever. After that we loaded our gear in a hardcore thunderstorm and jumped onstage for round two completely soaked and quite fuzzy. Once onstage, I sneerily decided I wanted to kick Pete in the ass and taunt anyone else in my sight for more riot starting fun. Pete followed my drunk kicks with bigger, drunker kicks while we played “Sugartown” completely soaked, spilling every beer onstage and eventually spit taunting the headlining band’s blue-haired crowd. Maybe I should have just told you about the Weezer blue album show.

Plans: Expose my new album “Pirate Radio.” Heard that yet?

Goals: Write the greatest songs ever made, record the next “Thriller,” continue to do what I love for a living, tour worldwide with realistic demand.

New Projects: Check out 80th Action (alt rock supergroup) and VomitonCommand online.

Dream act to open for: Beck, Coldplay, Kanye … basically opening for anyone that pulls 15,000 a show would be not too boring.

Last CD purchased: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacegirl

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