Holding Hands

daddyby Daddy Warbucks

Whenever one sees groups holding hands on anything, it’s a good sign. This was the case recently when the City of Fayetteville, Fayetteville Public Schools, Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville Visitor’s Bureau and some local promoters touting habitotes announced a new partnership that would put reusable bags called habitotes into the hands of every school child in Fayetteville. The hope being that the kids would take them home to mom and dad and the number of throwaway plastic shopping bags would decline.

Just home many times in past years have all these groups been together on anything other than Woo Pig Sooie?

Mayor Jordan said equipping the Fayetteville community with free habitotes will do much to eliminate waste and lead to a healthier environment.

Habitotes are made from recycled plastic bottles and to get the program going, the consortium only needs to come up with several thousands of dollar in sponsorship money.

Remember the old joke made by a Texas politician when the world’s largest mass retailer started handing out plastic bags — Arkansas luggage, he cracked.

Daddy W. hopes this effort leads to some regional awareness and concern for the environment. Don’t you?

Shoe Drive

A good cause is ongoing thanks to Unity of Fayetteville. It’s the Soles for Souls Shoe drive. The group will have drop sites for gently worn shoes. The shoes will be passed along to those who need them. For information, call Annette Olsen at 521-0918.

Wetland Wins

The Woolsey Wet Prairie Wetlands and the City of Fayetteville were awarded the Governor’s 2009 Corporate Conservationist award, sponsored by the Arkansas Wildlife Federation. This marked the first time since the Arkansas Wildlife Federation was formed in 1936, that a municipality has received this award. Good award. Good forward thinking.

Lottery Date

The promised Sept. 28 rollout date for the Arkansas Lottery still looks strong. Daddy W. noticed ads in some rural downstate newspapers soliciting vendors to sell tickets. Who will be selling the tickets locally? Stay tuned.

New Racks

While several local folks submitted designs for bicycle racks for the new Municipal Courts building, a New York firm won the job. One features the scales of Justice, the other a bench. Let’s hope some of the local entries can be used elsewhere in the city? How about it Mayor?


Word is out that cheaper airfares, thanks in part to low-cost carrier Allegiant Air, that just started flying out of XNA, have finally lifted the Highfill airport out of the slump it has been in since the recession and high fuel costs crippled the airline industry. Those who are managing the Fayetteville Executive Airport at Drake Field are also gleeful saying their takeoffs and landings are up. But, sadly fuel sales are off.

Now A Dime

Looks like Circuit Clerk Bettye Stamps took a licking (or a liking) to a request from Justice of the Peace Candy Clark. JP Clark wondered why the Circuit Clerk was charging more than anyone else in the courthouse for copies. In response, Stamps promptly lowered the charge to be in line with the rest of the offices.

A&P Monies

While Fayetteville gears up for UA football crowds, which will probably be bigger than ever, and another Bikes, Blues & BBQ, the Advertising and Promotion Commission still wallows with a heavy caseload to collect from past due restaurant taxes the businesses have already wrung out of the diners and drinkers. Some 11 business owners are facing criminal summons to resolve this. Daddy W. wishes there was a better way to collect these fees.

Cover Gal

Fayetteville’s Donna Pettus was the cover girl on a recent issue of The Arkansas Lawyer. As the president-elect of the state bar, she, as always, looked splendid. Daddy W. giggled when he saw her hubby and general good guy, Lamar in the photo background. A classy cover shot that’s something all their friends can enjoy.

25 Years

Congrats to two First Federal Bankers of note, Ross Mallioux and Tommy Richardson. Both logged 25 years of serving the financial community.

No Trauma Takers

Daddy W. has been scratching his head over why Washington Regional Medical Center and Northwest Medical Center group has applied for any type of trauma designation under the new state law. What gives? Sixty eight hospitals have applied. In our area St. John’s in Springfield, Mo., will get some Arkansas money for a Level 1 facility. The only Level II institution looks like Sparks in Fort Smith. The Physicians Specialty Hospital in Fayetteville applied for a Level IV designation. Mercy in Rogers applied for Level III.

Now Certified

Crye-Leike Executive Broker Barry Beard has earned his professional real estate designation as a Certified Distressed Property Expert. He is a sales associate in the company’s Fayetteville West branch office. Congratulations.

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