Where The Rubber Meets The Toad

Where The Rubber Meets The Toad

My boyfriend of eight months is 38, with two kids. I’m 27 and divorced. He has unofficially moved into my apartment, but he isn’t pulling his weight. He pays $500 a month in child support and $400 for his apartment that he doesn’t live in. All of his utilities were shut off for nonpayment. I understand that he doesn’t have money to throw around, and help him financially whenever he needs it. He’s always grateful, but I’m feeling resentful because he’s very irresponsible in his spending (he lacks self-control). I could’ve amassed an emergency fund or bought the motorcycle I promised myself after my divorce. Now, that’s been put off. He threw me a few bucks for expenses when I asked, but only twice. I told him he has until Aug. 1 to ditch his apartment so he’ll have some money. He does say he loves me every day, tells me I’m beautiful, and says I make him happier than he’s ever been. I’m at a loss. How do I kindly tell him to pull it together? 

Tapped Out


You dreamed of the wind on your face and the sun at your back as you’re speeding down the open road on a new Harley. You settled for a Hog parked in your living room, mowing through your groceries and mining the couch crevices for spare change.

Not surprisingly, the guy isn’t saying, “Gimme all your money, and make sure there’s no dye pack in there.” He tells you he loves you, how happy you make him, how beautiful you are. It would be one thing if he’d fallen on hard times, but he’s impulsive and fiscally irresponsible. As unromantic as it is to care about money, what’s even more unromantic is fighting bitterly about it, which is what you’ll be doing, and in close quarters, if Mr. Moochypants gives up his place and moves in for good. And, no, the problem isn’t how to “kindly” tell him to get it together; this is a character issue. This is who he is, a 38-year-old man who can’t live within his means, but has no qualms about living within yours. 

You don’t have to find a rich guy with a bum ticker, just a nice, stable guy who brings more to the party than a variety of flattering remarks about your hair. After all, you pull your weight. Don’t you think you deserve a man who does the same? 

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