Blueberry Foliage Yellow

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By Pauline Keegan

I have started to grow blueberries and the foliage is yellowing. What did I neglect to do?

Yellowing or chlorosis of the blueberry foliage often occurs when the pH of the soil is too low or too high. It appears on the younger leaves with chlorosis between the veins with the veins remaining green. The desired pH of soils artificially acidified for cultivated blueberries appears to be in the 5.0-5.2 pH range. Once  proper acidity has been establish, it can usually be maintained through the annual use of  an acid fertilizer. Ideally this is established  six months before planting. For detailed instructions on planting blueberries, pick up a brochure from the Washington County Extension Office. The address is at the end of this column.


Is there anyway to get rid of what is called Creeping Charlie?

Unfortunately, we don’t know of a magic way to be rid of Creeping Charlie known as Gill Over the Ground, etc. The copious rain has enhanced this pest. The best control is mechanical: hand pulling or hoeing. Large areas can  be hoed and then mulched with several sheets of newspaper topped by a two to three  inch layer of mulch such as wood chips,  grass clippings or compost. This should  give you a season-long respit. Roundup is a non selective herbicide but it can easily destroy desirable plantings.


The leaves of my tomato plants are curled, does that mean they are dying?

The condition you describe is called leaf roll and the exact cause is not fully known. It appears about the time of  fruit setting. The overall growth of the plant does not seem to be affected and the yields are normal. The condition occurs when excessive rainfall or over watering keeps the soil too wet for too long. It is also related  to intensive  sunlight  which causes carbohydrates  to accumulate in the leaves. An even amount of moisture in a well drained soil is the condition preferred by tomatoes. 


 When is the right time to sod fescue?

Answer: The recommended time to lay down fescue sod is late August until late October. Be sure to prepare the soil well and expect to water  at least one inch a week.


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