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By Pauline Keegan

Ornamental shrubs usually do not require fertilizer. However, if you feel that your azaleas need a boost, an application of a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen can be applied after blooming.
I bought a square of sod taken from the University of Arkansas football field. I am on my way to California, but I live in Houston. How can I care for the sod until I get back to Houston

Master Gardeners are flattered to be asked such questions. Keep the sod moist and in a sunny place, but do not over water. Plant the sod as soon as you can when you arrive home. Fertilize lightly about once a month. There are no fans like the Arkansas fans!
When is it the right time to prune Nandina?

Nandina is a sturdy bush, it can be pruned almost any time. Early spring will give it a chance to put out new growth. The best way to keep the bush looking full and not leggy, is to cut one or two of the old canes down to the ground. New leafy growth will fill in the lower part of the bush.

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