The Set List

The Set List

by Brian Washburn

With the number of bands in NWA breaking up and going their separate ways, as well as the countless music venues that have given in to the dissolving economy, it’s hard for an up-and-coming band to get their foot in the door. However, Fayetteville rockers, A Good Fight, already have their arm and leg through the breakout door.

A Good Fight – vocalist Eddie Love, guitarist Rizz Woods, bassist Jon Woods and drummer Sean Merriott has had songs played on rock radio throughout the nation, a song featured on MTV, been featured in national rock magazines and been contacted by several prominent record labels.

“We were contacted by Universal Records a couple of weeks ago, which isn’t uncommon for a band at the level we are at, which is just starting out, but kind of getting some national exposure,” Rizz said. “We didn’t send them a press kit, they actually contacted us and we have been in contact several times. One gentleman already did fly in for the Arkansas game and came to see us. And that went really well.”

The modern rock band reached the level of national prominence with their first full-length effort, “This City Could Be Ours By Morning,” which was released in February. Although the CD hasn’t even been out a year and has garnered much deserved attention, the band is heading back into the studio this month to record a follow-up.

Whether or not this album will translate into a substantial record deal is unknown, and to be blunt, the band does not care just as long as they can do what they love for a living.

“You start talking about labels and there are people out there that have that as their ultimate goal. But with the industry these days, not really anyone knows where it’s going and how it is going to stay afloat,” Rizz said. “Our ultimate goal is not to jump on a record label that really doesn’t know how it will survive in 10 years. We’re looking for financial backing, maybe finding a booking agent that lines us up with shows where we can make money ourselves. That’s our goal, to sustain ourselves and not depend on Mom and Dad to support us.”

The band is not altogether supported by mom and dad, though. The real hardship in the band right now lies in the fact that the members all have full-time jobs and do not have the time or the financial situation to take A Good Fight to the next level of touring, Rizz said.

But that does not mean they don’t have time to play shows with their fellow NWA rockers. A Good Fight have shot to the forefront of the local NWA rock scene, along with fellow bands The Radio Sky, Thanks For Nothing and Benjamin Del Shreve that want to take NWA to the next level. Even though the local scene has been a roller coaster over the past few years, music junkies are searching for something now. The scene is coming alive and there is definitely more rock in NWA than ever, Rizz said.

“The biggest thing right now is to keep coming out and supporting local music no matter what is going on,” Rizz said. “It gives inspiration to each and every one of us when 20 people are in front of us, but it is great when 300 people are in front of us and the entire town is celebrating.”

While A Good Fight have had their fair share of celebrating over the past year, it seems their rocky road to rock stardom has just started. A catchy sound, driving punk/rock guitars and a unique voice (a cross between Billy Talent’s Benjamin Kowalewicz and Tom DeLonge) have given A Good Fight every opportunity and the shortcut needed to break through. But while all those things might have come easy, Rizz gives the most credit to the band’s relentless work ethic.

“The honeymoon is over. Now it’s ‘this is who I am and I know who you are,’’’ Rizz said. “Because we’re hard workers and apply ourselves to something we love, it just comes easy.”

Final Thought: Although NWA has had its fair share of music stars, A Good Fight might actually be the first band to breakthrough and have videos on Fuse and MTV. Bands and musicians like Benjamin Del Shreve, Lauren de Miranda and The Wedding have all encountered a level of success. But A Good Fight will be the first NWA band to land on MTV (by “on MTV,” I mean actually performing or having their video played) that will cement their face forever to be known as the breakthrough kings for NWA.

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