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Is the Razorback Foundation in trouble? Say it can’t be true. However, the rumors are rumbling about the Razorback Foundation as the football bye-week drama fades and the final two SEC games of the season loom large for the cardinal and white nation.
Daddy W.’s heard there’s a sharp downturn in the Razorback Foundation’s investments in the stock market. Was there really not $5 million in liquid assets for some needed renovations? Gentle readers, we may never know. Remember, that the Razorback Foundation, as we are reminded by the board of this very private fundraising arm, is a PRIVATE entity. Not a part of the state government or the state’s flagship campus. At least where Freedom of Information is concerned.
And another probing question swirls about: Did awarding our former head football coach a lucrative buyout to go (quickly, yet not so quietly) to another SEC Conference school, dip deep into the Foundation’s assets? Again, we may never know.
Daddy hears that the Razorback Foundation may be a little discombobulated and may be lacking the serious piles of cash often thought to be at its disposal. Hopefully, in the coming days, weeks and months someone will tell us exactly what the situation is. But then again, Daddy W. hears that the Foundation membership isn’t even kept up to snuff on the financial status, so what are the chances of the public knowing? Stay tuned. Details will leak out.

Big Question
How much peace and quiet does the average person get a day? Answer at the end of the column.

That bunch of Texas developers are making significant headway on the failed Aspen Ridge apartment/condo project along Sixth Street in the Duncan Avenue area. The new project seems to be moving right along.

Gas Down
Yes, Virginia, there is a downward trend in gasoline prices hitting a year low at less than $2 a gallon in the Fayetteville area these last couple of weeks. It was, remember, $3.04 just a year ago. And it will be back to $3.04 in less than a year, seers forecast. Will the less than two bucks, hold ’til after the holiday travel season?

Duggar Doings
Aside from their cable TV show about what it’s like to live in a family of 16, 17, or how many ever kids, there has been a transfer of power it seems. Jim Bob Duggar has signed over Champion Motors to eldest son Joshua Duggar and his new bride.

Patent Issued
Aaron Ray Heing of Bella Vista has been issued a patent for a new process for a store value card valuation system. Wal-Mart Stores was assigned the patent developed by Heing.

Christmas is fast approaching and Walmart has returned to its Saturday Door Buster sales routine, marking down some big-ticket items to build long lines around the store. Circuit City in Fayetteville, which is closing, is marking down items in hopes of raising some quick cash for corporate. Overall, this holiday season, gift cards are set for an all time high in 2008. Lots of folks will probably be using them to buy groceries and other necessities.

Now A Bank
American Express is doing what Wal-Mart could not do. They are now a self-contained bank, with all the rights and privileges the world’s largest retailer wanted but Congress and the banking executives said “no” to a year ago. Rumor is that Walmart may make another run to become its own banker. Time will tell.

Chamber Head
Congrats to Mary Beth Brooks, of The Bank of Fayetteville, for being named the new president of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce for the coming year. She takes over from outgoing president Tommy Deweese, a power company executive.

A shout out to winners of several Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce awards. Mike Comack for Diplomat for Chamber volunteerism; Stacy and Joyce Cheevers for the Washington County Agri Leadership award; The Lindsey Companies for the Impact Award; Cox Communications for the Pillar Award and Woody Bassett for the Wes Gordon Golden Deeds award.

Big Answer
The average person gets approximately 63 minutes of peace and quiet daily … not enough says Daddy W.
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