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Bid-ness taking forefront in runoff
Yes, there are tired voters among Fayetteville’s electorate, and now there is less than two weeks left to go before Fayettevillians return to the polls to elect a mayor for the next four year.
America can choose a president quicker, well not really, but it sure seems like it, than our city can choose a mayor.
First, we had a wide-open field, Dan Coody, promised in a teary eyed swan song, that he was stepping down, going back into the development game he loves so much. He seemed pleased at his eight years and two terms as mayor.
Next, as others—two at the urging and cheerleading of Coody—began formulating plans for a run. Then Dan changed his mind. Whoa Nellie.
Hold the cheese. And then the campaign got weird. Council member Lioneld Jordan, who had made no bones about the fact that he was running well before the Coody swan song, soldiered on. In all, six candidates flooded the field. The two daily newspapers had a moment of weakness and endorsed former Arkansas Attorney General Steve Clark. Clark, who ran a masterful campaign, almost like it was scripted by a chamber of commerce, came in third behind Coody and Jordan on election night.
At issue in this race (and the runoff) is to elect a mayor who can manage Fayetteville’s the tax dollars. And the city’s spending, and guide the city’s future. No one’s said the business community would like either Coody or Jordan. There’s been active lobbying against both of them, some of it anonymous. Walt Eilers and Adam Fire Cat have thrown their support to Jordan. On Nov. 25 Fayetteville will elect a mayor. We will all watch and see.

Which two Arkansas counties have correctly predicted every Presidential vote since 1960, up until last week’s vote?

Who would have thunk it? Right on Dickson Street, next door to the Crown Pub will be a bed and breakfast. Word is, there’ll be 10 suites in the old Victorian home on the corner.

Some of the female newscasters mentioned in his space a month of so ago, have spruced up their winter wardrobes and for the better.

Mary Marsh of Channel 5 was so smitten by the Obama win she apparently forgot the facts. Obama did not carry Washington County. Even one of her man-on-the-street interviewees questioned her, telling her that he thought McCain carried Washington County.

Yes, the trucking giant, J.B. Hunt, even in these hard times, will pay a 10 cent dividend – yes a dime – to all shareholders on Dec. 2. At least it is a dividend.

The Green Door, the music club in the Evelyn Hill’s Shopping Center in Fayetteville has closed. Observers also tell Daddy W. that Picasso’s Pizza, a nice little spot out on Wedington, has shuttered.

After two years of rumors, Circuit City in Fayetteville, is finally going to close as part of the national scale back by the parent company. The location, close to Walmart, Home Depot, Sears, Lowe’s and Best Buy, did not bode well for the big box retailer. Nor did their offerings of stuff that can be duplicated within walking distance of their store. Sadly some 59 employees, some full time, most part-time will be hittin’ the bricks.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the Arkansas based Dillard’s Department Stores, management has announced some cost cutting. In 2009 it will only open two new stores, down from the previously projected four new stores. The company will also close 20 older stores. And last but not least, Dillard’s management is set to cap expenses at $120 million in 2009.

BAUM THE FAVE has named UA Razorback Baum Stadium as its “favorite collegiate baseball facility.” Woo Pig Sooie. The Yahoo-owned sports site, called Baum Stadium “the palace of college baseball stadiums.” We all know that more than 10,000 fans who pack the stadium rain or shine. The BBQ grills are a nice touch. Following the UA stadiums were Rice, Nebraska, Florida State and Mississippi State.

Folks who migrate east to such spots at Berryville and Eureka Springs rave about Geraldi’s Pizza. Well, travel no more. Geraldi’s will open a Fayetteville eatery soon near the corner of University Avenue and Center Street in the same shopping center as Wes’s BBQ and the UA neighborhood. The pizza is supreme, sources tell Daddy W.

Rumors are out that the old bus station on South School Avenue that recently served as Democratic headquarters will soon be transformed into a pastry shop. Not sure of the name? Anyone know?

The only two Arkansas counties that correctly voted for every president elected since 1960 were Logan and Van Buren. Sadly both went for McCain this year, so their record, is broken.

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