Thursday, Oct. 16
Bayou: Night Bluez
Bordino’s: Walter Savage Trio
Deja Vu: DJ Derrick
Dickson Theater: Indiana & The Byrds, Eoff Brothers
Drifters: Karaoke
George’s: Man the Helm, The Counterlife, Friday Maybe Saturday, Mt. Comfort
Green Door: Nathan McLeod Jazz Jam
Jammin Java: Celtic Jam
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
ROTC: Dead Bird, Dirt Mother
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Tangerine: DJ Michael, Drag Show

Friday, Oct. 17
Arsaga’s Crossover: Jared Dunn
Bayou: Durham
Chelsea’s: Shack Rats
Deja Vu: DJ Mixx Tenn
Fatty Hacker’s: Karaoke
George’s: Jarris and Friends, Earl & Them, Baby Jason, FOS Project
Green Door: HH Blues Band, Earl’s Garage
The OPO: Ringo Alcoa Band
ROTC: Cletus Got Shot
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Tangerine: DJ Michael
Tony C’s Italian Gardens: Chester P.

Saturday, Oct. 18
Arsaga’s Crossover: Brandi
Arsaga’s Gregg: Tucker and Tamara
Bayou: Hero
Chelsea’s: Elisha Isreal
Deja Vu: DJ MixxTenn
George’s: Gavin DeGraw, Need to Breathe, Spoken
Green Door: Paul Boatright & Sideways Ponies
Jammin Java: Off The Wall
Little O’Oprey: Live Jam
The OPO: DJ Shortfuze, 607 & Epiphany
Soul Restaurant & Lounge: Luda
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Tangerine: DJ Michael
Tony C’s Italian Gardens: Chester P.

Sunday, Oct. 19
Common Grounds: DJ SoulFree, Jeff Fox
Copeland’s: Claudia Burson Trio
Dickson Theater: Drag Show
Emelia’s Kitchen: Raja
George’s: Big Ben Miller Band, The Mother Truckers
Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst

Monday, Oct. 20
The Perk: Acoustic jam
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Rogers Rec Room: Pope County Bootleggers

Tuesday, Oct. 21
Bayou: Blues Jam
George’s: Electronic Lounge
Green Door: Blues Jam

Wednesday, Oct. 22

Drifters: Rocky C.
Ella’s Restaurant: Nathan McLeod Trio
Fatty Hacker’s: Karaoke
Froggy’s: DJ Voja
George’s: Stoney LaRue, Mickey & the Motor Cars
Green Door: Keith Nicholson
Iron Horse: Open Jazz
Jose’s Southwest Grill: Claudia Burson Trio
Jose’s Streetside: Karaoke
The OPO: Karaoke
Tangerine: Karaoke

Thursday, Oct. 23
Bayou: Red Ambition
Bordino’s: Andrew Sieff Group
Deja Vu: DJ Derrick
Drifters: Karaoke
George’s: Bart Crow & No Justice
Green Door: Nathan McLeod Jazz Jam
Jammin Java: Open Acoustic Jam
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Tangerine: DJ Michael, Drag Show

Arsaga’s Crossover: 527-0690, Arsaga’s Gregg: 444-6557, Bayou: 246-9337, Bordino’s: 527-6795, Chelsea’s: 253-6723, Common Grounds: 442-3515, Copeland’s: 246-9455 ,Deja Vu: 464-9677, Dickson Theater: 575-0500, Drifters: 444-1997, Ella’s Restaurant: 582-0400, Emelia’s Kitchen: 527-9800, Fatty Hacker’s: 751-0881, Froggy’s: 521-3764, George’s: 442-4226, Green Door: 575-0111, Iron Horse: 631-9977, Jammin Java: 443-2233, Jose’s Streetside: 521-0194, Jose’s Southwest Grill: 750-9055, Little O’Oprey: 839-2992, The OPO at Urban Table: 935-4646, The Perk: 251-7375, Pesto Cafe: 582-3330, Rogers Rec Room: 442-9792, ROTC: 521-2674, Soul Restaurant & Lounge: 442-0800, Speakeasy: 443-3279, Tangerine: 443-4600, Tony C’s Italian Gardens: 925-3401.

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