By Amber Kruth

Tony Boyd

Tony Boyd states a universal truth with his claim that inspiration comes from a multitude of places. It is through “nature, television, other artists, the internet, etc.” that ideas are sparked, but his true inspiration is drawn through his family. He recognizes the significant influences of those closest to him as leading him into the world of art.
“My eldest sister, Vernetta Boyd, introduced me to illustration at an early age,” Tony said. “My mother, Malenda Boyd, has always been one of my biggest supporters. My wife, Wanda, and our kids, Joshua, Jessica and Trévon, are sources of daily inspiration.”
Most recently, Tony has found photography to be his form of expression. This is what first captured my interest in Tony. It is the still photos that emit such energy and emotion that I could instantly feel the context of the moment.

“My philosophy of art relies a lot on emotion,” Tony said. “To me, art is meant to elicit an emotional response, whether good or bad. Any reaction, to a certain extent, is good, except indifference. If it elicits indifference, then what is the point of its creation?”
Through the creation of art we are able to experience the emotions of others as well as our own. For Tony, art has been a guide through much of his self-exploration.
“I have been to the farthest reaches of my psyche and back, and continue to explore uncharted regions,” he said. “It’s my vast experiences with the ups and downs of life that have afforded me a, maybe not unique, but definitely interesting, perspective.”
With photography, Tony captures his need for immediate gratification of creating imagery. “Impatience can sometimes be a problem in my creative process.”
Although this may be true, there is no evidence of lack of inspiration or creativity.
“I am currently working on two photo series involving naturally abstracted images in nature,” Tony said. “There are at least five more projects that I have in mind to do once I finish those.”
If you are interested in Tony’s work contact him at
Tony gives props to this studio: “Windwalker Studios is the name of my sole proprietorship through which I do design, photography and other fine art.”
Much of Tony’s work is for “public display and consumption” although he does create specific pieces for family members or for commissions. Currently, he has some artwork posted on and he also photographs the “You Were There” photo feature for the Free Weekly.

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