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How to have a happy graduation day

Commencement exercises at the University of Arkansas are this Saturday. As per the usual custom, all colleges except the UA Law School will have commencement on Saturday. The Law School commencement will be at 2 p.m. May 17 at the Fayetteville Town Center.

The UA all-university commencement ceremony will be at 8:45 a.m. in Bud Walton Arena. Other ceremonies for the individual colleges and schools are: College of Business, 12:30 p.m. Barnhill Arena; College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, 1 p.m., Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center; School of Architecture, 1 p.m., Arkansas Union Alltel Ballroom; College of Arts and Sciences, 1 p.m., Bud Walton Arena; College of Engineering, 3:30 p.m. Barnhill Arena; College of Education and Health Professions, 4 p.m., Bud Walton Arena. For parking information visit

Do’s and Don’ts for graduation

Here’s a proven list of do’s and don’t’s for attending the graduation ceremonies this weekend at the UA.

1. Do remember that there are several thousand other graduates and their families along with your group of five or six to see Susie or Johnny get the old sheepskin. Don’t forget that traffic, both automobile and pedestrian, will be at maximum levels.

2. Do remember this mantra: Park, then walk. Park, then walk. Again, park then walk to the arena or building where the ceremony will be held. Don’t drive by the arena or building and then circle about looking for parking. It’s wasted time.

3. Do leave the graduation gifts in the car. Don’t bring them to the ceremony. The graduate can wait to see your Wal-Mart purchases until later.

4. Do remember that cameras and video cams are really useless inside the arena or hall. Don’t try your shaky handheld video of the long ceremony from several rows

back. What you’ll get will be really boring. Don’t set up a tripod. That really barks amateur. Wait until you and the graduate are back at their apartment, dorm or your hotel room for the up close video memories of graduation day.

5. Do remember that you simply won’t be able to find seats together for all 22 kin from your rural hamlet in a crowded arena or auditorium. If there are more than five in the party, expect to split up unless you really like to be far, far away form the stage. Don’t ask people to move to accommodate your party. Don’t try to save seats. This is really annoying.

6. Do remember that while this is a sports arena, yelling, noisemakers, loud random comments, catcalls and war whoops are not warranted or welcome. Don’t yell at your graduate. She is getting a college degree, not winning the Teeny League City T-Ball Championship.

7. Do remember rule No. 1, there are several thousand other people there to see others who are graduating. Be patient and respectful. Don’t forget this rule. Your day will be better.

8. Do remember that since 9-11, your bags will be searched, so get over it and comply. Don’t complain. Keep the long lines moving.

9. Do remember that the “world of academia” moves at its own pace. The ceremony may not start on time or be over when you think it will be. Eat a snack before you go. Lunch or dinner will always be delayed on Graduation Day.

10. Do remember to wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothing. Yes, many consider this a formal occasion, but hiking up the Ozark hills in high heels and sweating in that new suit and tie came make for painful memories. Don’t forget water fountains and bathrooms are at a minimum.

Do’s and Don’t for Eating Out on Graduation Weekend

1. Do remember this: Graduation weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for the city’s entire restaurant sector. Busier than Bikes, Blues and BBQ, busier than a Razorback football game. More people want to go out to eat following graduation than at any time in the year, so say the restaurant folk. Don’t forget you are not the only folks in town who want to dine out on this occasion.

2. Do remember to tip your server well. Twelve to 15 percent is the standard on a heavy weekend. Don’t be a cheapskate. You’ve just paid for college, but keep in mind that the graduate might be busing tables next fall if the job market doesn’t improve.

2. Do remember that you will have to wait for a table. Don’t dawdle. Know where you want to eat and remain calm. Try making reservations.

3. Do realize that the restaurant might not be able to rearrange the dining room for your entourage of 25. Don’t be opposed to having small groups at adjacent tables. Realize that you’re lucky to have a table at all.

4. Do know what you are going to order (pre-scan the menu while standing in line). Don’t be so set on one dish, that in case it’s not available, you’ll be without another choice.

5. Do, if you are going to have drinks, order bottles of wine. Mixed drink orders seldom arrive correct on busy days in restaurants. Don’t over do it. DWI’s can be a nasty memory for graduation day.

6. Do take charge of your younger kids, grandkids, grandma and grandpa. Now is not the time to let them run loose in a crowded fine dining establishment. Don’t expect young kids to behave on a big day. That’s why there are Burger King’s and McDonald’s.

7. Do order food that you are familiar with. Don’t send food back to the kitchen for another turn on the grill. Remember this is a very busy weekend.

8. Do be nice to the hostess and servers. They are busy folks working for minimum wage. Don’t expect them to ogle over the graduate. Chances are they were picking up their diplomas that morning, too.

9. Do wait until you are home to open all those gifts. Don’t drag them into the restaurant. No one wants to see your grad opening those Target throwaway gifts while eating.

10. Do remember that this is a very busy weekend. Everyone should be on their best behavior. Don’t forget that not everyone will be, it is graduation weekend and lots of folks will be in town ready to celebrate.

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